33 courses of Our University are identified as the First-Class Undergraduate Courses of 2020 Liaoning Province

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Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Education Department Office released the results of the 2020 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and 33 courses of our university are identified as first-class undergraduate courses in Liaoning Province, including 2 online courses, 14 offline courses, 12 online and offline hybrid courses, 3 virtual simulation experimental teaching courses and 2 social practice courses.

In recent years, our university continues to deepen the reform of education and teaching in accordance with the work ideas of "student center, university-school two levels, each with emphasis, each with its own characteristics", continuously promote the level of curriculum construction through key projects, school-level first-class curriculum project construction and other measures of the "100 courses".

This approval is the accumulation and precipitation of our university curriculum construction for many years, is also our university another achievement recently after the approval of provincial teaching teachers, provincial teaching achievements award, provincial first-class demonstration professional. Our university will give full play of the demonstration role of excellent teaching results, further deepen the teaching quality improvement project work program according to the 2021 Shenyang Institute of Technology Document No. 1, solidly promote the development of various teaching work, to promote the teaching level to a new level.

(Text / Department of Teaching Management;

Review / Liang Shuang,)

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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