Two professors of our university were awarded as famous undergraduate teachers in colleges and universities of Liaoning province in 2020 !

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Recently, the Education Department of Liaoning province issued the "notice on the announcement of the results of the selection of famous undergraduate teachers in colleges and universities of Liaoning province in 2020". Professor Zhao Yuan of College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering and professor Wang Jiaqing of College of Life Engineering were selected.

In recent years, our university aims to build a high-quality "double teachers and double abilities" teaching team with reasonable structure and focuses on the construction of high-level, high-quality professional teaching staff and innovative team. We try to establish an effective mechanism to jointly train teachers with industries and enterprises, form a two-way interactive communication mechanism between school teachers and part-time teachers in the industry, and improve the incentive mechanism to enhance the initiative and enthusiasm of teachers to improve their practical ability. As a result, the teaching level of the teaching staff and the ability of scientific research and local service have been effectively improved.

It is hoped that all teachers will follow the example of the commended teachers, adhere to the educational concept of "taking student development as the center" and the cultural concept of "taking the striver as the key link", actively devote themselves to teaching reform,devote themselves to teaching and educating people, comprehensively improve the level of personnel training, set an example to practice the school motto of "pursuit of excellence, mutual assistance and altruism",and work down to earth and overcome difficulties, making greater contributions to the realization of the development goal of the university in the 14th five year plan.

——Translated by the Basic Course Department

Professor Zhao Yuan

Professor Wang Jiaqing

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