Our university has won 8 undergraduate teaching achievement awards in Liaoning Province in 2020

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Recently, the Education Department of Liaoning Province issued the "notice on publishing the award list of Liaoning Province General Higher Education (undergraduate) teaching achievement award in 2020". Our university has been awarded 8 Liaoning Province General Higher Education (undergraduate) teaching achievement awards, including 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes. The specific list is as follows:

Among them, the achievement of "exploration and practice of collaborative education mode based on the cultivation of Applied Talents in new engineering" led by Professor Li Kangju actively responds to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, supports service innovation driven development, implements the "made in China 2025" national strategy, and takes the demand of regional new economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading as the guidance, so as to cultivate "strong innovation" talents New ability, strong engineering practice ability and good professional quality "is the goal of high-quality application-oriented new engineering talents with international competitiveness. It is committed to solving the problems of imperfect training mode, lack of platform, weak ability and lack of motivation, and deepening the comprehensive reform of education and teaching. Through active exploration and practice, it has won the national honor in the field of new engineering in the past six years 27, 73 at provincial and ministerial levels; digital chemical plant projects were displayed at the National Joint Conference of newly established undergraduate colleges in 2017; "based on the reform and practice of multi-party collaborative education mode of new engineering in i5 intelligent manufacturing College" was approved as the first batch of new engineering projects in 2018 and excellent new engineering projects in 2020 by the Ministry of education; and "new cooperation mode of multi-party cooperation between applied undergraduate colleges and enterprises" was presented at the 2019 International Mechanical Engineering Education Conference The specialty of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation has been approved as the first-class specialty construction site in China.

The achievement of a series of teaching achievements fully proves the successful practice of the school's exploration, innovation and full implementation of the applied talents training mode of "collaborative education, alternation of work and study, integration of theory and practice, integration of learning and application". The university will take this achievement award as an opportunity to give full play to its leading and exemplary role, deepen teaching reform, comprehensively promote connotation construction, continuously improve the quality of talent training, and make unremitting efforts to build our university into the best applied technology university.

——Translated by Basic Course Department

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