Our school's five undergraduate majors were approved as the third batch of first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors in Liaoning Province

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Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education issued the “Announcement of the Selection Results of the Third Batch of First-Class Undergraduate Education Demonstration Majors in Colleges and Universities". Five undergraduate majors including material forming and control engineering have been approved as first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors in Liaoning Province. The specific list is as follows:

In recent years, our school actively adapts to the construction of "one belt and five bases", the regional development pattern of "one circle, one belt and two zones" in Liaoning Province and the layout of six leading industries in Shenfu reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone, serves the regional economic and social development, scientifically optimizes the professional structure, and vigorously promotes the professional construction project. According to the idea of specialty group docking with the industrial chain, 14 undergraduate specialty groups are constructed, which are compatible with the local industrial development structure, mutual support, and each has its own characteristics. By strengthening the construction of professional connotation, a batch of national and provincial characteristic superior majors and first-class majors have been created and remarkable results have been achieved. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 1 national-level first-class professional construction site and provincial-level first-class demonstration were approved. There are 8 majors, 2 provincial-level demonstration majors for the transformation to application-oriented, 3 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot majors, and 2 provincial-level "order, customization, and orientation" talent training model reform demonstration majors.

The approval this time is another important result of the school's continuous efforts to focus on the quality of education and teaching and the continuous strengthening of professional connotation. The school will use this as an opportunity to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen professional characteristics, and continue to stimulate the vitality of professional education, give full play to the leading role of first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors, and promote the level of undergraduate professional construction in the whole school.

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