Good news! The result of the first batch of national new engineering projects in our university is "excellent"!

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Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the final acceptance results of the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects. Among the first 612 projects approved in 2018, 589 projects passed the acceptance, 96 of which were excellent projects. Shenyang Institute of technology " Reform and practice of collaborative education mode of new engineering based on i5 intelligent manufacturing college" was awarded as excellent project. Our school is the only outstanding private university in China.

Our project " Reform and practice of collaborative education mode of new engineering based on i5 intelligent manufacturing college" is oriented by innovation-driven development, "made in China 2025" and other new economic development needs, facing key industries and new industries of Liaoning province. It takes the i5 intelligent manufacturing college jointly built by our university and Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. as the carrier and considers the collaborative development and construction of new intelligent manufacturing engineering subjects and cooperative enterprises of our university as the starting point. The core of the project is to improve the supply quality of application-oriented talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing and the main line is to cultivate students' innovation ability and intelligent manufacturing engineering application ability under the background of intelligent manufacturing. This project is of great practical significance for deepening the talent training mode reform, system and mechanism reform and university organization mode innovation in terms of the integration of industry and education as well as the school enterprise cooperation, and exploring the establishment of a new organization mode of the industrial intelligent manufacturing college which is participated by both inside and outside the University. Since the approval of the project, our school has attached great importance to the construction of new engineering courses, taking the educational philosophy of "people-oriented, learning for application" and the education mode of "collaborative education, alternation of work and study, integration of theory and practice, and integration of learning and application" as its guiding principles. Research and practice have been carried out in an all-round way, such as the new concept, new standard, new mode, new method, new technology, new culture and other aspects of the construction of "new engineering", effectively promoting the project research in practice and in depth, improving the research level and achieving research effectiveness.

 During the construction period, with the intelligent manufacturing production line as the carrier, our university has broken through the barrier of traditional engineering majors and interdisciplinary talent training, deeply integrated the knowledge, ability and quality requirements of such subjects as intelligent manufacturing and mechanical engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, running throughout each unit and module of the entire intelligent manufacturing production system and constructing the integrated module curriculum group of interdisciplinary technology education. The construction of practical teaching platform has reached a new level. At present, the platform is used by more than 8000 students, covering 23 majors of the whole university, meanwhile it is shared by many provincial colleges and universities. 1 provincial key laboratory, 4 provincial off-campus practical education bases, 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center and 1 provincial school enterprise alliance were approved for the new engineering specialty. Outstanding achievements have been made in specialty construction. The major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in our university has been approved as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point, provincial demonstration specialty, provincial advantageous characteristic specialty, provincial engineering talent training mode reform pilot specialty, and provincial-level application-oriented transformation demonstration specialty. The major of material forming and control engineering was approved as a provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialty, electronic information engineering was a national comprehensive reform pilot specialty, and computer science and technology was a provincial innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot specialty. The achievements of scientific research and education reform are fruitful, including 2 National Natural Science Funds, 3 Provincial Natural Science Funds, more than 20 Provincial Teaching and Research Projects, and 2 Doctoral Initiation Funds. A series of high-quality intelligent manufacturing textbooks have been published. The quality of talent training has been significantly improved, and the graduates of new engineering major in our university are highly recognized by employers. Our school has become a key recruiting unit for applied talents required by Shenyang Machine Tool, BMW Brilliance

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   The excellent result of the final acceptance fully reflects the high affirmation of the Ministry of education to active services of our university to the economic and social transformation and upgrading of Liaoning Province, accelerating the reform and innovation of engineering education, and cultivating innovative outstanding engineering and technological talents. Our university will give full play to the demonstration role of the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects, and actively promote the construction of new engineering to deepen, expand, break through and start again.

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