Our school launches leadership cadres contact student class activities

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According to the "Shenyang Institute of Technology Leading Cadre Contacting Student Class System" and related work requirements, this semester, our school organized the 2020 school middle-level principal and above leading cadres contact student class activity. School leaders Li Kangju, Chen Gang, Yang Lin, Shao Yu, Li Wenguo, Shi Wei, Liu Aiqiu, Gong Piguo and the full-time leaders of all functional departments went to 26 classes in the school to carry out contact activities. This is an important move for our school to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national university ideological and political work conference, build a large ideological and political pattern of "all-staff education, all-round education, and full-process education", and actively play the role of leading cadres in managing and educating people.

Since the launch of this activity, the school’s middle-level cadres have in-depth corresponding classes, classrooms, and dormitories, and have a more direct understanding of students’ ideological trends, growth demands, educational needs, and opinions and suggestions on school development, and participate in and guide college students’ ideological and political education work to guide students to establish correct values, world outlook and outlook on life, thereby forming a joint force for educating people with counselors and class instructors, and jointly creating a good class style, style of study, and school spirit, and serving students to grow into talents. The development of this work has received enthusiastic responses from teachers and students in our school.

President Li Kangju talked the college career planning with the classmates of Class 7 of Mechanical Design and Automation of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in 2020. He said that the school always regards educating people as the top priority, and strives to ensure the excellence of teachers, excellent facilities, and excellent service, pursue excellent quality of students, and help students grow and become successful. Students should cherish this wonderful time in university, study hard, and live a good life to make it shine.

Secretary Chen Gang gave a wonderful report to the class 2 of Electrical Engineering and Automation from the School of Information and Control. He and his classmates reviewed the whole process of proposals, construction and completion of the well-off society. He encouraged the students to live up to their youth, take advantage of the new era, with confidence, high morale, and solid efforts to thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and earnestly shoulder the mission and responsibility of the times and history.

Student Wei Zizhao from Class 7 of Mechanical Design and Automation of Class of 2020 said that through the face-to-face contact with the leaders, they feel that the leaders are very approachable. Their guidance and suggestions have pointed out the direction for our future study and life. In order to promote the normalization of this activity, the Student Affairs Department will regularly organize relevant teachers and students to have exchanges and seminars to further understand students’ ideological trends, adhere to student development as the center, take multiple measures to answer questions for students, care for students in multiple ways, and earnestly Solve students' practical problems and form a joint force for educating people.

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President Li Kangju talks about study and life with students

Secretary Chen Gang gives a report for students

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