“Lei Feng Spirit” Cultural Research and Design Competition for College Students in Liaoning Province Undertaken by Shenyang Institute of Technology

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On November 21, 2020 the final of "Lei Feng Spirit" Cultural Research, Innovation and Design Competition for undergraduate students of Liaoning Province was held in Shenyang Institute of Technology. The competition is sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Education Department and Liaoning Provincial Finance Department, and undertaken by Shenyang Institute of Technology.

The competition lasted nearly two months. Since it was launched on August 31, a total of 3560 entries from 30 colleges and universities in the province have been received. The entries are divided into creative product design, graphic design, digital media design and public space design. After layers of selection, a total of more than 600 works were shortlisted for the final defense. On the day of the final, the competition committee invited 24 experts from universities and enterprises to conduct on-site evaluation with the first prize, second prize, third prize, excellent award and excellent instructor award. The competition insists on leading students to carry forward Lei Feng Spirit, establish correct aesthetic concept, cultivate noble moral sentiment, shape beautiful soul, stimulate college students’ creative inspiration, improve their practical ability, and strengthen the cultivation of college students’ innovation consciousness and team spirit. All entries will be assembled into a collection for online and offline promotion.

Our university to undertake this competition is to make full use of the teachers and students of College of Art and Media to make contributions to the promotion of Lei Feng Spirit. We hope to show Lei Feng Spirit with fresh forms and fresh images, actively promote the work of cultivating people with Lei Feng Spirit, and constantly innovate the work carrier, so that Lei Feng Spirit can take root and blossom in the hearts of students so as to cultivate more high-quality application-oriented talents with Lei Feng Spirit in the new era.

In the past year, the unveiling of Lei Feng Statue, the unveiling of Lei Feng Spirit Education Base and the hosting of the "Lei Feng Spirit" Cultural Research, Innovation and Design Competition are all vivid embodiment of the spirit of the school motto of“pursuit of excellence, mutual assistance and altruism”, which will encourage more students of Shenyang Institute of Technology to grow and become talents in the practice of carrying forward Lei Feng Spirit.

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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