Our university held academic exchange forum on Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control in Liaoning Province

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On November 12, our university held an academic exchange forum on Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control in Liaoning Province. Zhang Xingyao, researcher of China Academy of Forestry Sciences, ye Jianren, Professor of Nanjing Forestry University, Luo Youqing, vice president of Beijing Forestry University, sun Jianghua, researcher of Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dai Limin, researcher of Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Chengde, Professor of Northeast Forestry University, etc Laboratory staff attended the meeting.

In his speech, President Li Kangju extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the experts of the University, and introduced the basic situation, development trend and achievements of the school. Li Kangju said that the construction of the provincial key laboratory is of great significance for the university to further refine the discipline direction, gather scientific research talent team, and then promote the comprehensive improvement of various undertakings of the University. In the process of project construction, Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory has been strongly supported by the forest and grass control station of State Forestry and grassland Bureau, Liaoning provincial forest and grass prevention and quarantine station, Provincial Department of science and technology, Shenfu reform and innovation demonstration area and peer experts.

Li Kangju pointed out that our University attaches great importance to the construction of provincial key laboratories. Wang Zhaobao, chairman of the board of directors, personally led the construction of the provincial key laboratory, established a preparatory group for the construction of the laboratory, which was responsible for the construction planning of the laboratory, and hired highly respected and highly accomplished experts to form an academic committee to guide the development of laboratory disciplines. The laboratory will focus on the relevant research direction of forest protection and combine with the relevant research topics that have been undertaken, focus on scientific research and innovation research, strive for further improvement in scientific research capacity and level under the guidance and help of experts, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and prevention and control of forest pest epidemic situation in Northeast China.

Jiang Shengwei, director of Liaoning forestry and grass prevention and quarantine station and director of Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control, made a report on the work of Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control. Experts at the meeting affirmed the work and achievements of the laboratory, and pointed out some deficiencies in details. Subsequently, the experts discussed the key laboratory research development plan and the "14th five year plan" main research plan, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions on the development of the laboratory. Professor Zhang Xingyao pointed out that key laboratories should attach importance to the national development goals, and take them as the planning of key laboratories with accurate positioning. We should take the pests in the middle cold temperate zone as the early development goal of the key laboratory, and take the transmission vector of pine wood nematode as the focus of the key laboratory. Professor Luo Youqing pointed out that forestry science and technology in Liaoning Province, like the "Shenzhen special zone", is an important "hub" of forestry science and technology in the northern region and even in the whole country. It is necessary to let the new mode, mechanism and new vitality of key laboratories guarantee the forestry science and technology of Liaoning Province. The key laboratory should combine basic application with technology development as its orientation. The short-term goals and service objectives of the laboratory should be combined with the direction of the State Forestry and grass administration to solve the problems related to pine wood nematode in northern China, and provide technical support for the State Forestry and grass administration. The long-term goal should focus on other forest and grassland pests except Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, so as to expand the area and radiate the northeast and even northeast Asia.

Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control is the second Provincial Key Laboratory approved by our university. Based on the rich forest resources in Liaoning Province and its surrounding areas, the key laboratory faces the needs of forest ecological environment security, serves the forestry development of China and Liaoning Province, and provides strong scientific and technological support for the development of forestry pest control and biodiversity protection in our province. The key laboratory scientific research personnel are composed of in-service personnel and cooperative scientific research team of Shenyang Institute of technology, State Forestry and grassland bureau forest and grass control station and Liaoning Province forest and grass control and quarantine station. The key laboratory has carried out in-depth cooperation with Beijing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University, Shenyang Agricultural University and Shenyang University.

Before the meeting, the experts visited the key laboratory and natural enemy breeding center.

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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