Our university ranks 8th in the list of China's private universities in Soft Science in 2020

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     On May 15, the world's leading higher education evaluation institution officially released the "2020 ranking of Chinese universities for soft science". The target of "2020 ranking of Chinese universities for soft science" is China's more than 1200 undergraduate level universities. In order to properly reflect the differences in the nature and types of colleges and universities and ensure the fairness of the ranking, more than 1200 universities are divided into comprehensive universities and 7 categories  single-subject universities and three types of non-public universities are ranked by the differential index system for the first time.

    In 2020, there are 144 colleges and universities on the list of China's private colleges and universities in soft science, and the three highest ranking schools are Jilin Foreign Studies University, Wuchang Shouyi College and Wenhua College. Our school ranks eighth.

In recent years, the school has always taken education as the first priority, striving to guarantee the excellence of teachers, facilities and services, and to pursue the excellent quality of students, so as to help them grow and become successful.

The school actively meets the strategic needs of local development and vigorously strengthens the professional construction. It has built an intelligent manufacturing training center in line with the "industry 4.0" standard, builds a robot training base with advanced technology, complete types and complete teaching links, expands the automobile service training center with first-class facilities, and builds a "Horticultural Science and Technology Museum" and based on the Internet of things intelligent agriculture. There are 127 practice teaching bases covering engineering, economics, management, arts, culture and agriculture, such as intelligent information center, intelligent logistics laboratory, big data center, comprehensive practice center of water conservancy and construction, and animal production experimental center. Among them, the laboratory of information physical integration and intelligent manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools and the laboratory of prevention and control of dangerous forestry pests were respectively approved as key laboratory of Liaoning Province and advanced campus practice teaching base provide good hardware conditions for training high-quality application-oriented talents. After years of efforts, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation has been approved as a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point and the first batch of "new engineering" research and practice projects in China, and the three majors of mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, and marketing have been approved as provincial first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors.In the new era, facing the new development situation, the university is accelerating the connotation development, transformation development, innovation development and characteristic development, constantly improving the quality of application-oriented talents training, striving to write a new chapter of reform and development of Shenyang Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and marching towards the best development goal of Applied Technology University!

On the ranking of Chinese universities in Soft Science

Since its first release in 2015, the ranking of China's best universities in soft science has won wide attention and recognition from the media and the public with its professional, objective and transparent advantages, and has become one of the most influential and credible Chinese University ranking brands. In 2020, China's university ranking has been greatly innovated and comprehensively upgraded by soft science. Based on the patent technology of higher education evaluation independently developed by soft subjects and the data support of "University 360 degree data monitoring platform", a new index system has been constructed to create the most comprehensive, systematic and accurate ranking evaluation on the university running level in China, so as to provide students, parents and the whole society with the most comprehensive, systematic and accurate ranking evaluation will provide more timely, more detailed, more targeted comparable information.

For complete ranking results, please visit the official websitehttp://www.zuihaodaxue.com/

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