Inheriting and sowing the seeds of Lei Feng —— Lecture of Lei Feng’s Spirit propagandized by Party Committee of SIT

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The Party Committee of SIT carefully organized and planned the "Lei Feng Spirit Lecture " for all teachers and students in order to guide and encourage them to learn and carry forward Lei Feng's spirit, to understand the connotation of Lei Feng's spirit in the new era, to create a strong atmosphere for learning from Lei Feng, and better practice the core values of socialism. This significant and magnificent measure aims to promote the normalization of Lei Feng learning activities and form a vivid situation in which everyone learns from Lei Feng. And this depended on its own regional advantages, adhered to the spirit of Lei Feng to cast the soul and educate people, and to focus high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education. Fortunately, it's highly praised and appreciated by the public, and the series lecture was divided into 10 sessions, lasting for 2 weeks, with more than 10,000 faculty, undergraduates and audiences.

The first " Lecture of Lei Feng’s Spirit " was held in the auditorium of the school library on November 9th. The theme of the lecture was "Inheriting Lei Feng's Spirit and Sowing Lei Feng's Seeds". Besides, Members of the school's Lei Feng Spirit Theory Research Group delivered the key speeches. During this activity, they discussed the era value of Lei Feng Spirit in all aspects, including Lei Feng's life story, the era connotation of Lei Feng Spirit, and the significance of learning and carrying forward Lei Feng Spirit, which enables Lei Feng's image and Spirit deeply to root in the hearts of the people. Yang Fan, a member of the Lei Feng Spirit Theory Research Group, said that in the spirit of The Times, which favored by the public, will be corresponded with the development of the country, the nation, university and individuals. Thus, Lei Feng Spirit not only inherits the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, but also has distinctive characteristics of the times. It is also the cream of the national culture, and has vigorous vitality to keep pace with the times. He called on all teachers and students to strive to be the "five seeds" of Lei Feng's spirit including conviction, contribution, dedication, diligence and creativity. we also need to take root and sprout in the places where the country needs us most, absorb nutrition, accumulate energy. Finally, it will bring so positive influence to the career prosper that the release of their dazzling brilliance.

Professor Zhang Si took "Lei Feng's small Story" as the breakthrough point, to introduce Lei Feng's experience in Fushun for the students. He also called on everyone to not only learn the connotation of Lei Feng's spirit, but also imitate the practices, integrated learning into specific work and life. Teacher Wang Lu focused on explaining the relationship between Lei Feng spirit, socialist core values and the Chinese dream. Teacher Nie   Bin takes "Lei Feng's Life", "Lei Feng's Deeds" and "Lei Feng's Spirit" as the main theme, and expounds the vivid practice of Lei Feng's spirit in our school in combination with the activities carried out by Lei Feng's Business Association, Lei Feng's Post Station and other organizations in our school. Teachers Wang Sai, Snow White and Zhao Jibin respectively focused on how to carry forward Lei Feng's spirit as contemporary college students, devote themselves to the vivid practice of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dream, and devote themselves to the conscious practice of socialist core values. Teachers Ji Qiuying, Wang Yanjun and Yang Qingxue, focusing on the theme of "How College Students Inherit and Practise Lei Feng Spirit", explained how to be Lei Feng in the new era to students in a problem-oriented teaching method and in combination with the little things on campus.

On 13 November, The Party Committee of the School specially invited Professor Chen Xide, Vice President of Fushun Lei Feng College, to give a special report entitled "Building up Ideals and Beliefs Like Lei Feng and Bearing the Responsibility of the Times". Chen explained Lei Feng's spirit, which will never fade, with passionate language and vivid examples. He reproduced some touching stories of Lei Feng. He also showed the precious film and video of Comrade Lei Feng during his lifetime and shared how to combine Lei Feng's spirit with the hard-working learning spirit, work hard and pursue excellence in the new era. Chen Xide, along with faculty and students at the scene, sang the song "Learning from Lei Feng's Good Example”, which was at its height. Therefore, students expressed that they should seriously study the contents of the lecture and strive to grow into the "five seeds" of Lei Feng's spirit.

The Party committee of the school has firmly implemented the Party's educational policy and fully implemented the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people. Through the " Lecture of Lei Feng’s Spirit " propaganda activities, it has actively promoted the work of casting soul and educating people with Lei Feng Spirit and built up ideological positions in colleges and universities. The Group gets through the "last kilometer" of theoretical armed work with might and main. We will guide students to establish and practice the socialist core values, and will strive to promote the theoretical propaganda work to go further. This will contribute to the spirit bring positive influence to every student. Thus, SIT will cultivate more high-quality applied talents with Lei Feng spirit in the new era.

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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