Qiu LianBo, director of the supervision office of Liaoning Provincial Education Department, and his party visited our school for investigation

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On October 15, Qiu LianBo, director of the supervision office of Liaoning Provincial Education Department, and his party went to our school to carry out investigation and guidance on the work related to the evaluation and construction promotion, accompanied by Li Kangju, President of our school, and Gong piguo, vice president.

Li Kangju made a work report entitled "taking application as the foundation, seeking development with characteristics, and comprehensively improving the level of running a school". He comprehensively introduced the basic situation of our school, the main methods and effects of welcoming evaluation and promoting construction, and the filling and filling of relevant data. He pointed out that since the implementation of the evaluation and construction promotion work, our school has further defined the orientation of "local and application-oriented" according to the needs of local economic and social development, continuously deepened the reform of application-oriented personnel training, and effectively promoted the improvement of the education and teaching quality of our university.

Qiu LianBo fully affirmed the achievements made in the work of welcoming the evaluation and promoting the construction of our university. He hoped that the university would continue to make unremitting efforts, continue to solidly promote the work of meeting the evaluation and promoting the construction, make the work detailed, practical and in place, and constantly improve the education and teaching level, so as to ensure that the university can successfully pass the undergraduate teaching assessment of the Ministry of education.

During the investigation, Qiu LianBo inspected the intelligent manufacturing experimental teaching center of our university, understood the construction situation of relevant practice bases in detail, and highly appraised the achievements of our school in the cultivation of applied talents and scientific research.

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