Fifteen Inter-school Cooperation Projects of Ordinary Colleges in Liaoning Province Have Been Approved

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Recently, the Office of the Education Department of Liaoning Province released Notice of the Department of Education of Liaoning Province on Determining Inter-School Cooperation Projects for General Higher Education Institutions (No.28 in 2020 from Department of Education of Liaoning Province). A total of fifteen projects in our school have been approved, including one postgraduate joint training project, four undergraduate joint training projects, five faculty mutual employment projects, one school-region and school-enterprise research institute, two major scientific research projects, one resource sharing project, and one foreign cooperation project.

These approved inter-school cooperation projects involve strengthening joint training, promoting teacher mutual employment, advancing collaborative innovation, realizing resource sharing, and boosting cooperation and exchanges, which are the fruitful result of our school's comprehensive implementation of the teaching quality improvement project. Based on the approved projects, our school will continue to deepen the education and teaching reforms, strengthen the connotation construction, and effectively promote the improvement of educational standard and talent training.

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