The second batch of National New Engineering Research and Practice Projects has been granted to Shenyang Institute of Technology

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"Exploration and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of Emerging" project of SIT was successfully approved on the list of General Office of the Ministry of Education of the second batch of new engineering research and practice projects on 19th October. What has been offered by the Ministry of Education is another affirmation to our scheme, including the response of new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the demand of the national strategy and regional development.  Also, it is the appreciation of newly-built engineering from the deepening, expansion, recreating and construction, which is to cultivate the qualified talents with innovation.

The new project mainly focuses on the research on the innovative and entrepreneurial education mode in the new engineering field and the effective path of integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education into the cultivation of applied and creative undergraduates. The project focuses on the construction of new structures, the implementing of new concepts, the practicing of new systems, the reshaping of new mold and the improvement of quality, which faces the construction of new engineering disciplines. The projects also promoting major development of experimental units, such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent science and technology, and robotics as pilot projects.  Ultimately, the achievement will realize a diversified new engineering talent training mold that integrates creative, innovative and entrepreneurial education and professional education, and further summarize and form training results through the establishment a new mechanism for cross-faculty, cross-disciplinary, and cross-professional training of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. We hope this project will exert great influence on the local application-oriented institutions through the activity and curriculum in school.

This project was approved after the Ministry of Education announced the final acceptance results of the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects this year. And, the new exploration, new achievements, and new developments of our school’s new engineering construction will provide our school with a better way to cultivate high-quality applied “new engineering” talents with strong engineering practice and innovation capabilities to meet the needs of emerging industries and the new economy in the future, after "Reform and Practice of the New Engineering Multi-Party Collaborative Education Model Based on the I5 Intelligent Manufacturing College" project was rated as excellent ,Good opportunities and platforms will also be conducive to providing strong talent guarantee and technological support for the economic and social development and industrial transformation and upgrading of the old industrial base in Liaoning.

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