Our school holds a training meeting for teachers' ethics

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On October 14, Miao Yaohui, director of the Ideological and Political Education Teaching and Research Department of Marxism College of Liaoning University, gave a special training on teachers' moral style for all the teaching work in our school, namely strengthening the construction of Teachers' moral style and Becoming four Good Teachers. School leaders and more than 900 staff attended the training session. The training session was presided over by Vice President Shao Yu.

MiaoYaoHui jinping general requirement for teachers' professional is expounded, and interpret in detail the jinping general secretary's important speech spirit, emphasis on ethics significance of strengthen construction, strengthen moral standards of "four haves" and the outlook on life, doing a good teacher in the process of strengthening ethics from three aspects, such as strengthen construction work was described in detail how to do a "four haves" good teacher, how to let students accept the courses taught by teachers, thus being a good student lead. Miao Yaohui pointed out that education is a pursuit, the power of the pursuit lies in faith; Education is a cause, the meaning of the cause is dedication; Education is a kind of science, the value of science lies in the pursuit of truth; Education is an art of the soul, and the life of art lies in your true love for your students. Teachers in the new era should keep in mind the original mission of "teaching and educating", transform teachers' moral norms into stable inner beliefs and behavior qualities, constantly enrich themselves with new knowledge, actively explore teaching methods in the new era, and comprehensively improve their ability of teaching and educating.

Shao Yu put forward four Suggestions for further promoting the construction of teachers' morality and style: first, to improve the political position and keep in mind the original mission of "teaching and educating people"; Second, we should be firm in our ideals and beliefs, and use our own actions to train our students to become young people in the new era who can inherit the national soul and pursue the Chinese dream. Third, we need to strengthen our sense of responsibility and improve our ability and level of performing our duties. Fourth, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of respecting teachers and valuing education, and stimulate the endogenous driving force for teachers to deepen the education and teaching reform in the new era.

This special educational activity is an important measure for our school to further promote the construction of teachers' morality and style. All the teachers participating in the training said that they would strictly

abide by the professional ethics of teachers in colleges and universities, earnestly implement the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity and educating people, constantly improve their own quality, level and ability, attend water courses and teach gold courses, and make unremitting efforts to train socialist builders and successors who shoulder the important task of national rejuvenation in the new era.

Translated by Basic Course Department

Training by Dr. Yiu-fai Miao

Vice President Shao Yu put forward Suggestions on further promoting the construction of teachers' morality and style in the school

Training session

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