Welcome 2020 Freshmen of Higher Vocational to Our University

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October 4, our school welcomes the 2020 higher vocational freshmen. The campus is full of vitality, and the fine weather of early autumn complements the spirit of the new students. Excellent students from all over the motherland gathered in the Shenyang Institute of Technology family. Here they will start a new dream journey.

In order to do a good job of 2020 higher vocational freshmen registration, the school has made careful arrangements in advance. In front of the gate of the school Xiyuan, they set up a temperature test area, health code verification area and student identity verification area, in order to do a good job of epidemic prevention. At each welcome point, there were eye-catching registration process signs and warm signs, so that freshmen could understand the registration process in time. The school carried out the characteristic service, setting up the freshman registration sign in front of the teaching building, displaying the specialized characteristics: the school enterprise cooperation, the big creation competition, the specialized association and some other school achievements. At the same time, it also provided one-stop consulting services for freshmen in the aspects of economic support for their tuition, international cooperation in running schools, and enlistment of college students. The college organized more than 100 volunteers to accompany the freshmen to complete the check-in until their luggage was sent to the dormitory. On campus , “ Freshmen enter from here, talent comes out from here”, “ Dear, love, Shenyang Institute of Technology is your favorite ”, “Education changes fate, knowledge creates wealth, Learning to enrich life”. Welcome slogans and decoration of the dormitory buildings make the new atmosphere particularly happy. The college also puts green pineapple in each dormitory, preparing a letter for the freshmen, playing the circulated audio to welcome the new students in the dormitory building, the school also prepared some wonderful performances: drum, guitar and and so on. The freshmen feel the warmth of the school family. In addition, the college also set up a question-answering area at the school gate to answer questions. Zhao Qi, a sophomore with military experience, he said that he would organize students who had served military service to conduct dormitory housekeeping training for freshmen, so that freshmen could better and faster adapt to the new life of the university.

Warm and thoughtful service makes freshmen feel warm. Wu Qiuyu, Shenyang, freshman of the 2020, majoring in Internet finance, is satisfied with the detailed and thoughtful arrangement of the school. He said: “From the entrance to the school, I feel very warm, every detail reflects the school’s concern for us. This makes me full of expectations for my future study life, I will certainly grow in this distinctive university. ” Wang Haoxue, Cangzhou, Hebei, majoring in Internet finance, thanked the school for its humanized service. He said that the school is well arranged, the whole registration process is very orderly. Teachers and senior students carefully guide us, helping me carry luggage, providing all aspects of consulting services. I fully feel the warmth of family of Shenyang Institute of Technology. Shenyang Institute of Technology will build a more broad and diversified development platform for the students who join this family, and help the students to grow up in all directions. In the future, here, they will adhere to the “ pursuit of excellence, mutual altruism” school spirit, constantly enterprising in order to achieve the best self.

                     Translated by Basic Courses Department

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