SIT Welcome 2020 Undergraduate Students Warmly

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With the harvest season coming, on September 15th and 16th, our university welcomed more than 4,300 2020 undergraduate students. On the fresh and clean campus grass field, colorful ball slogan fluttering in the wind, vibrant campus open her arms, welcoming-volunteers with warm smile, cordial greetings and intimate service welcomed new students from all over the country to join the Shenyang Institute of Technology family.

On the day of the welcoming, Li KangJu and other school leaders went deep into the scene, the new bedroom and other cordial to visit the new students, show condolences to the teachers and students involved in the welcoming work. School leaders talked cordially with the new students and their parents, to learn their expectations and opinions on the school, to thank them for their understanding and support of the school's epidemic prevention work, instruct the relevant department heads, strict implementation of various prevention and control measures, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the school epidemic prevention and control, and effectively protect the health and safety of teachers and students, to create a safe and orderly education and teaching environment. At the same time, they encouraged the new students to cherish university life, grasp the valuable opportunity to grow into talents firmly.

In order to do a good job of welcoming and registering of 2020 undergraduate students, the school made careful deployment, arrangements and held a new work coordination meeting, detailed deployment of new work. Each functional departments and secondary colleges gave full play to the school spirit of “Pursuit Excellence, Mutual Assistance and all-win”, adhering to the careful organization, overall arrangement, coordination and coordination, meticulous work, warm service. From environmental beautification, site layout, security, to party member service stations, green channels, freshman pick-up stations, communication services, they did a thorough preparation to meet the new work, to ensure the smooth progress of the new work.

The school organized a team of Party Members and students volunteers to welcome the new, and also the Reserving Army to welcome the new, to provide a full range of services for new students. In Shenyang Station, Shenyang North Station, Shenyang Taoxian Airport and other places, they set up welcome reception points, to do a good job of the new station service. At the welcome points throughout the campus, with eye-catching signage of the reporting process and warm warning placards, the freshmen can keep abate of the reporting process. To ensure smooth reporting for new students, the school also provided one-on-one service for new students, with volunteers accompanying them throughout the journey to complete the check-in until their luggage is delivered to the bedroom. On the official Douyin Platform, the uni opened a live broadcast, the parents live to watch the whole process. In addition, the school also set up Parents Service area at the school gate, the college staff representatives for parents to answer questions.

Spacious and straight campus street, renovation of the dormitory canteen, warm and cheerful teachers and students, carefully decorated with beautiful flowers, all together created a welcome to Shenyang Institute of Technology 2020 undergraduate students warm atmosphere. Each secondary college also combined its own characteristics, carrying out special services, set up freshmen's check-in points in front of the teaching building, and showed the freshmen their professional characteristics, school-enterprise cooperation, promoted learning, professional associations and other school results. At the same time, we also provided one-stop consulting services for new students, such as financial assistance, international cooperation in running schools, and enlistment of college students. School of Economics and Management schools and enterprises to do a good job of welcoming the new work, Shenyang Holliland Co. , Ltd. for students to provide delicious pastries, also carefully arranged the new students bedroom, reflecting the Four One Culture, to the new students gave four gifts. The Institute of Energy and Water Resources highlighted professional culture, reserve volunteers served students, and drones pull up banners with welcoming signs to create a good atmosphere. The School of Information and Control equipped each bedroom with a green plant, preparing a letter for the freshmen, a map of Shenyang Institute of Technology, a custom file bag of Shenyang Institute of Technology, and a USB stick with the college logo. The student community of the School of Life Engineering has carefully prepared hand-made baked food, homemade yogurt, sour plum soup and daily necessities soap for freshmen.

Warm, thoughtful service makes the new students feel warm. Yang Huixia, a freshman with a 2020-grade network and new media major at the School of Arts and Media, came to the school alone from Yunnan. She said the school's arrangements were thoughtful and eliminated the inconvenience of reporting to a person. She is full of expectations for her future study and life, hoping that she can seek knowledge, increase energy and become a talent in this distinctive university. Lu Quanliang, who lives in Yingkou City, is a freshman in mechanical engineering and automation college 2020-grade mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation promotion, taking the "Shengong" special car in the school to registration, the school's humanized pick-up service and care guidance lead him to determine to SYIT to become the better self.

2020-grade freshmen are full of vitality, with beautiful dreams, their arrival for the school construction and development of new blood and energy, the school will also provide a broad stage for their growth. In the future, they will uphold the “Pursuit Excellence, Mutual Assistance-All win” school spirit, firm ideals and beliefs, practice excellent skills, in Shenyang Institute of Technology this hot soil to pursue dreams, struggle to realize, create their own wonderful life.

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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