Our school celebrated the 36th teachers' day and the commendation meeting of faculty and staff in 2019-2020 academic year

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Establish morality, cultivate people, take responsibility bravely, pursue excellence and create brilliance. On September 10, the staff of Shenyang Institute of Technology gathered in the auditorium to celebrate the 36th teachers' day. At the same time, teachers and collectives who have made outstanding achievements in teaching and educating people are commended. Chairman Wang Zhaobao and school leaders attended the meeting, which was presided over by Vice President Gong piguo.

Chen Gang, Secretary of the University Party committee, read out the commendation decision. The title of "advanced teaching and research section" of six teaching and research offices of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation specialty, the title of "outstanding contribution" of 8 persons including Wang Yanguang, the title of "excellent teacher" of 41 persons including Gao Minghua, the title of "excellent instructor" of 5 persons including Shen Ning, the title of "excellent management worker" of 10 persons such as Su Lili, and the title of "excellent scientific research worker" of Tao Lin and other 4 persons The title of "author" was awarded to 10 people including Tian Linlin as "excellent instructor in professional competition" and 3 "excellent supervisor" title including Wang Xiaofang. Wang Zhaobao and school leaders presented awards to the winners.

Gao Minghua, a teacher of the College of mechanical engineering and automation, spoke on behalf of all the teachers. She said that in just three years of working in the University, i5 intelligent manufacturing training center, automobile training center, robot practice teaching base, modern agricultural science and Technology Museum, Shengong Huazhong numerical control college, Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of hazardous forestry pest control were put into use. New teaching buildings, dormitory buildings, canteens, fitness centers have also been built. I grew up from an ordinary teacher to the director of teaching and research section of robot engineering. As a young teacher, I feel that Shenyang Institute of technology is a school full of vitality. It not only builds a broad stage for the development of young teachers, but also provides a fertile soil for the vigorous growth of young teachers. She suggested that we should stick to the fertile soil of teaching and educating people, devote our enthusiasm and dream, innovation and development to the warm land of Shenyang Engineering Group, which nourishes us, and to a group of simple and lovely students.

President Li Kangju extended his holiday blessing and heartfelt thanks to all the staff who worked hard in teaching, management and service education, and warmly congratulated the commended collectives and individuals. He pointed out that the school insists on strengthening the construction of teachers' team as the primary task of development, and the level and professional ability of teachers have been continuously improved. In the past year, 16 students have been selected into the 10000 person level of the "ten million talents project of Liaoning Province", four have been selected into the thousand person level, and two have been selected into the hundred person level; one teacher has been rated as the "famous teacher of teaching" in Liaoning Province. He hoped that all teachers, in accordance with the requirements of "four good teachers" put forward by general secretary Xi Jinping, should conscientiously strengthen the cultivation of teachers' ethics, constantly improve their professional ability, educate their country and keep their hearts in mind, and stand for their mission and strive to be a good teacher satisfied by the party and the people in the new era.

      Wang Zhaobao expressed his festival greetings and high respect to the staff of the University. He pointed out that the school will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education, strive to build a personnel system and cultural atmosphere conducive to the outstanding talents to stand out, create better teaching and scientific research conditions, work and living environment for the majority of staff, effectively improve the income level of the staff, and spare no effort to build a stage for them to display their talents and constantly strengthen teachers The sense of gain, happiness and belonging. He hoped that the majority of teachers would cherish the development resources and opportunities provided by the school, do a good job in training related work, and comprehensively improve the quality of applied talents training.

At the meeting, all staff members reviewed the oath of Shenyang Institute of technology and expressed their determination to strive to be a "good teacher with Four Haves", adhere to the education concept of "student development as the center", and strive for the construction of the best applied technology university. The conference was successfully concluded in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Vice President Gong piguo presided over the commendation meeting

Chen Gang, Secretary of the Party committee of the University, read out the commendation decision

Wang Zhaobao and school leaders present awards to the winners

Gao Minghua, a teacher of the College of mechanical engineering and automation, delivered a speech on behalf of all the teachers

President Li Kangju delivered a speech

Wang Zhaobao, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his greetings and high respect to the staff of the University

Group photo of the group and individual who were commended

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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