A Letter Sent to the Faculty and Staff From Chen Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and President Li Kangju

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Establish Morality, Cultivate People and Take Responsibility Bravely, Pursue Excellence and Create Brilliance.

Autumn chrysanthemum overflows with gold and laurel fragrance. On the occasion of the 36th teacher's day, on behalf of the school, we would like to express our holiday wishes and heartfelt thanks to the leaders, teachers and comrades who have worked hard in teaching, management and service education!

Education is the overall plan of the country and the party. Teachers are the foundation of education. "Cultivating and creating talents is the foundation of the country." It is the mission of the majority of teachers. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that today's students are the main force of the Chinese dream to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The vast majority of teachers are the dream makers who build the "China's Dream Team". In the new era, the school vigorously implements the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, always takes the construction of teaching staff as the key project of school development, adheres to the working principle of "introducing actively, focusing on training, improving structure, maintaining stability and improving level", implements the cultural concept of " taking contributors as the key link", highlights the spirit of dedication and struggle, strives to build a talent team with reasonable structure, excellent quality, efficient, capable and energetic for the requirements of the school, and provides strong talent support for the development of the school; Under the guidance of " noble teacher's morality, daring to innovate, high teaching level and excellent practical ability ", the school actively promotes the construction of teaching staff. At present, it has formed a double qualified teacher team with "full-time and part-time combination, multiple structure, and three abilities". At present, there are 1 academician of "double employment" of Chinese Academy of engineering, 5 experts enjoying special government subsidies of the State Council, 1 national excellent teacher, 1 national innovation and entrepreneurship tutor, 6 provincial famous teachers, 23 candidates for provincial "ten million talents project", 3 provincial professional leaders and 7 provincial teaching teams in our school; The quality of the school's teaching staff has been continuously improved, the scale of the teaching staff has been gradually expanded, the structure of the teaching staff has been optimized, the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents has achieved fruitful results, and the training of teachers has been steadily promoted. Various kinds of evaluation and commendation activities has been held, such as "Two Excellent and One First", "Most Beautiful Teacher", "Excellent Teacher", "Model of Teacher's Ethics and Style", "Excellent Guidance Teacher of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" and "Outstanding Contributor", and formulated the "Method for Selection of Advanced Collective and Outstanding Individual". All teachers uphold a good teaching style and strive to be "Four Haves" good teachers with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiment, solid knowledge and benevolence.

The school always takes education as the first priority, strives to ensure the excellence of teachers, facilities and services, pursues the excellent quality of students, helps students grow up and succeed. All development undertakings advance by leaps and bounds. In recent years, the school has built an intelligent manufacturing training center in line with the "Industry 4.0" standard, and jointly established a secondary college with Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., committed to the talent training of "intelligent high-speed five axis" technology, built a robot training base with advanced technology, complete types and complete teaching links, expanded the automobile service training center with first-class facilities, and built a second-class college "Horticultural science and Technology Museum "based on Internet of Things intelligent agriculture, as well as "Intelligent Information Center", " Intelligent Logistics Laboratory", "Big Data Center", "comprehensive practice center of water conservancy construction" and "Animal Production Experiment Center", covering industry, economy, management, art, culture and agriculture, 127 practice teaching bases, including high-end CNC machine tool information physical integration and intelligent manufacturing experiment Laboratory and laboratory for prevention and control of dangerous forestry pests were approved as key laboratories of Liaoning Province; The campus practice teaching bases with advanced facilities provides good hardware conditions for training high-quality applied talents. After years of hard work, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation has been approved as a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point and national excellent "new engineering" research and practice project, and three majors of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, automation and marketing have been approved as provincial first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors.

Looking forward to the future, the school will continue to actively implement the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, focus on the construction of high-level and high-quality professional teachers and innovative teams, take the construction of young teachers as the foundation, deepen the system innovation reform, optimize the talent development environment, stimulate the vitality and innovation of the teaching staff, improve the teaching level of teachers in an all-round way, improve the ability of scientific research and service for local areas, provide talent guarantee and intellectual support for the construction goal of the best application-oriented university, and make new and greater contributions to the cultivation of socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor.

Never forget the original intention of education and keep in mind the mission of cultivating talents. Wish all faculty and staff a happy holiday, good health, smooth work and happy family!

Chen Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee

Li Kangju, President of Shenyang Institute of Technology

September 10, 2020

——Translated by Basic Courses Department

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