SIT Held Conference to Celebrating the 99th Founding Anniversary of China Communist Party and Commending “Two Excellences and One Outstanding”

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AFTERNOON, 1st July, the college held conference to celebrating the 99th founding anniversary of China Communist Party and commending “Two Excellences and One Outstanding” in the college library.  The members of leading group, all middle level cadres, representatives of Democratic Party attended the conference.  College Director Mr. Zhaobao Wang attended the conference.  The Conference was officiated by college deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr. Wenguo Li.

The conference was opened in the majestic national anthem.  All attending Party members revised the Party joining oath.

Deputy Party Secretary, Vice Chancellor of the college, Mr. Kangju Li read out the “The Decision to Commend the Outstanding Primary-Level Party Organization, Excellent Communist Party Member and Excellent Party Worker by Shenyang Institute of Technology Committee of China Communist Party”.  Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr. Lin Yang read out “The Decision to Commend the Outstanding Team and Outstanding Individual in Anti-Pandemic by Shenyang Institute of Technology Committee of China Communist Party”.  Eight Party organization including General Party Branch of Life Engineering School were awarded the title of “Outstanding Primary-Level Party Organization”; Forty-four people including Feiyue Yu were awarded the title of  “Excellent Communist Party Member”; Four people, including Jia Shi, were awarded the title of “Excellent Party Worker”.  Two teams including Logistics Support Department, were awarded the title of “Outstanding Teams in Anti-Pandemic”; Ten people including Wei Shi, were awarded the title of “Outstanding Individual in Anti-Pandemic”.  The director and members of leading group of College awarded the prize to the individuals and teams commended.

The representative of “Outstanding Primary-Level Party Organization”, Shuo Li, the Secretary of Teaching and Administrative Staff Party Branch of Art and Media School, representative of “Excellent Communist Party Member”, Haiyue Zhao of Life Engineering School, representative of “Outstanding Individual in Anti-Pandemic”, Chao Xu of Logistics Support Department, gave speeches successively.  Shuo Li mentioned in his speech, our college firmly promoted the activity of “Year of Implementation on Party Building Institution at Primary-Level”, all primary-level party organization should take the honour as a new starting point, further enhancing the political stance, thoroughly developing the function of battle fortress, fully promoting the improvement on quality and efficiency of primary-level party building.

In the conference, Mr. Gang Chen, the college Party Secretary, warmly congratulated the outstanding teams and individuals on behalf of the college. Mr. Chen reviewed the glorious journey of the 99 years since the establishment of China Communist Party, summarized the achievement gained on party building by our college during the recent years, and acknowledged the outstanding contribution made by all primary-level party organizations and all the party members of the college.  At last, he made requirements to all primary-level party organizations and party members: firstly, to remember the history, to carry forward the revolutionary spirit in the process of inheritance.  To turn the patriotism and dedication to service our country into actual deeds, shoulder the heavy responsibilities in the revolution and development of our college.  Secondly, to remain true to our original aspiration, bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility in the new era. We should hold the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics which advocated by Chairman Xi in new era, hold the real capacity, facing the hardships bravely, confronting the contradiction bravely. Promoting our campus in every sides. Thirdly, keep our mission firmly in mind, and move forward bravely. The party organization and all party members should have the qualities of working hard and not afraid of difficulties, firmly establishing four consciousness, continuously improving four confidence, insist two maintenance. We will effectively improve the quality of Party building and create a new situation of party construction of our college.

At last, the director and the members of the leading group and all commended individuals took pictures together.

Translated by the Basic Courses Department

At the conference

Party Secretary giving a speech

Picture of the director and the members of the leading group and all commended individuals

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