Economics and Management college

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Economics and Management college

1 Finance professional

Training to master basic theory and basic knowledge of economics, management, finance, with strong financial professional practice ability, has innovation consciousness and team cooperation ability, engaged in the banking, insurance, securities, investment and financing and financial sectors such as Internet financial related jobs need high quality applied talents. Graduates with strong financial planning, credit management, securities investment, insurance marketing business ability a professional direction.

2 The international economic and trade professional (Recruit English students only)

Adapt to the development of global economic integration and cross-border e-commerce needs, develop "Internet+" background, master of economics, management, basic theory and basic knowledge of international trade, familiar with international trade rules and practices, master the basic skills of all aspects of international trade for the enterprises and institutions of foreign trade and economic cooperation area engaged in foreign trade, cross-border business, international logistics and international business, with international vision and strong professional strength of the applied talents with high quality. The professional teachers specially introduce overseas education background and foreign experts, adopts the model of Europe and the United States the teaching and examination mode, the entire practice English or bilingual teaching.

3. Business management categories

The categories of the major open business management, marketing, accounting, human resource management, four majors, according to the "business management" subject categories of recruit students. In line with the thick foundation, wide scope, strong ability and high quality applied talents requirement, for grade one students in general education, students a year later, according to their will, the school regulations, market demand and choose their professional achievements.

Students are supposed to master basic knowledge of management, economics and the basic theory, mastering enterprise administrative affairs management, human resource management, production and quality management, sales management, financial management, project management and other professional skills, good team cooperation consciousness and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, to industrial and commercial enterprises, government agencies and institutions and relevant management job need of applied talents with high quality. The major emphasis on students' innovative entrepreneurial ability, team cooperation ability, the cultivation of the modern professional manager quality, has stable extensive practice and employment base.

Marketing major

Students are supposed to master of management, economics, Internet applications, such as basic theory and basic knowledge, familiar with based on the "thinking" Internet marketing planning, marketing management, advertising planning, communication and public relations, business model innovation application and other kinds of marketing services and the actual work required basic abilities and skills, has the team cooperation consciousness and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, to modern medium enterprise marketing, e-commerce and other jobs need high quality applied talents. Advantages of Liaoning province in 2015 was named this professional undergraduate course major is also our innovation leading professional, has won many teaching achievement prizes at the Liaoning province.

Accounting professional

Students are supposed to master management, economics and accounting aspects of basic theory and basic knowledge, familiar with accounting and analysis, financial management and investment banking, audit and tax planning basic skills, such as skilled application of financial software, has innovation consciousness and strong ability of financial work practice, for all kinds of industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, government agencies, public institutions, accounting firms, and other fields in accounting related needs high quality applied talents. The professional according to financial accounting, certified public accountants, financial management, financial accounting, tax accounting, accounting information, and other professional direction.

Human resource management

Cultivate the knowledge of management, economics, human resources management and behavior psychology and other basic knowledge and basic theory, master of human resource management practice work skills, have good physical quality and strong ability of human resource management practice, for various enterprises and institutions, government agencies of human resource management department is engaged in the HR specialist, recruiters, training specialist, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits manager, administrators and other working of high quality applied talents. The attaches great importance to the students of the major good presentation skills, interpersonal communication ability, cultivation of professional psychological quality.

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