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1. Facility agriculture science and engineering major

The agriculture of facilities is a high-tech agriculture characterized by "highly mechanized, highly automated and highly informative". It can make the traditional agriculture get rid of the natural bondage. It is the only way for China's agriculture to be safe and modernized. Development and the inevitable trend of farmers out of poverty. At present, the number of colleges and universities set up in the country, the gap between the huge demand for talent, employment and entrepreneurial prospects.

Training objectives and employment orientation: training with modern agricultural facilities engineering design, horticultural environment control technology and equipment, horticultural cultivation and other aspects of the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, in the facilities of agricultural production base, agricultural foreign trade companies, modern farms, modernization High-tech demonstration park, agricultural production and processing enterprises, supporting the production of agricultural facilities enterprises, engineering design and construction-related enterprises, research institutes, government departments engaged in modern agricultural facilities engineering design, efficient characteristics of crop cultivation, agricultural park management and products Research and development of high-quality applied talents.

Professional characteristics: According to the development of modern agriculture, national and provincial "based in Liaoning, for the grassroots level, serve the three rural" guiding ideology, the school invested tens of millions of yuan to focus on the construction of several modern greenhouses, multi-storey orchards, modern farms, The On the basis of focusing on the basic theory of students, basic skills, innovative education and comprehensive quality training, with the help of Shenfu area facilities horticultural production advantages, pay attention to students' practical ability and hard training spirit, so that students have in the production line guidance and management ability , To enhance students' adaptability to society, to meet the needs of society for talent.

2. Gardening

Training objectives and employment orientation: training with ecological, garden plant cultivation and landscaping, landscape planning and design and other aspects of the basic knowledge and skills, in the municipal landscape sector, landscape design and engineering companies, real estate development companies, scenic tourism, urban and rural areas Planning and green design institute, flower nursery stock production and sales departments engaged in administrative management, urban green space planning and design, landscape construction and management, nursery stock production and distribution of high-quality applied talents.

Professional characteristics: The professional emphasis on the practical ability of students training, and guide students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities, students during the school to participate in the province and domestic design competition, school science and technology works contest, exercise practical ability. The school has successively cooperated with Dalian City Yinggezhuang Botanical Garden, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort, Liaoning North Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd., Jinbai Garden Group Co., Ltd. and other enterprises and institutions signed a joint training agreement, enterprises and institutions Proportion of students to become regular employees.

3. Food Science and Engineering

The categories include: food science and engineering, food quality and safety, biological engineering three undergraduate majors.

Training objectives and employment orientation: training with food processing and testing technology, food quality and safety management, bio-engineering and other aspects of the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, in the field of food and biological engineering in food production technology management, bio- Fermentation engineering, quality control, product development, engineering design and other aspects of the work of senior personnel.

Professional characteristics: such professional colleges to open laboratory management as an opportunity to actively carry out innovation and entrepreneurship activities of college students. Encourage and support students in the school business, including "Maillard Baking Association", "fresh fruit of the", "Ba Lanuo original brewing and Tasting Association" and other student organizations use the school production platform has developed a variety of products, and relying on the school LAN established a campus online trading platform, students in the campus to achieve business dreams. Has applied for 8 patents, published more than 20 papers. Schools and this Mai Lang, Master Kong, Feng Feng Xuan and other well-known enterprises to sign cooperation in production and research cooperation agreement, enterprises receive student internship, students can choose to enter these enterprises after graduation to become a formal employee, to achieve the school training and business needs zero distance Docking.

4. Animal medicine

The categories include: animal medicine, animal science two undergraduate majors.

Training objectives and employment orientation: training with animal breeding and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal disease prevention and control, pet disease diagnosis and care and economic animal production and other aspects of basic knowledge and skills, in the veterinary business sector, animal husbandry production units, animal diseases Medical institutions such as veterinary, epidemic prevention and quarantine, production and management, management, product development and marketing aspects of the work of high-quality composite application talents, self-built pet hospitals, animal farms and other independent entrepreneurship.

Professional characteristics: through the realization of "open time, space open, open instrument, content open" practice teaching system, to improve students' professional practice skills and scientific and technological innovation ability to provide protection. "Watchdog animal protection team" adhere to the years involved in stray animal rescue, many times to obtain provincial and municipal recognition. At present, the college, respectively, with the Dalian City, small animal diagnosis and treatment associations, Liaoning Ruipai Dongbei Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Group, Shenyang Huishan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group and other enterprises in-depth cooperation to achieve "order training", students can be targeted The completion of the internship, after graduation can also join the enterprise work, to achieve the school training and business needs zero distance docking.

5. Plant production

The categories include: agriculture, horticulture, plant protection three undergraduate majors in 2015, Liaoning Province, approved by college students outside the practice of education base.

Training objectives and employment orientation: training with crop production and breeding, crop cultivation and cultivation, seed production and management, cultivation of new varieties of fruits and vegetables, modern horticulture, plant inspection and quarantine, plant insect control and control, pesticide fertilizer development and other aspects of the basic Knowledge and skills, in the Agricultural Bureau, Agricultural Technology Station, the modern agricultural demonstration park, immigration inspection and quarantine bureau and other units engaged in crop production and management, administration, inspection and quarantine, product development and marketing aspects of high-quality composite application talents.

Professional characteristics: This category of professional focus on strengthening the practical ability of students, according to the law of crop growth, implementation of the internship program, in the crop season to focus on internship arrangements, so that students fully understand the whole process of crop production, master agricultural technology, After returning to school on the internship process experience and problems to sum up, targeted elective courses, so as to add the necessary knowledge and skills, employment competitiveness significantly enhanced. Has been with the Liaoning Tianlong Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd., Liaoning Dan Yu seed industry companies such as the depth of cooperation, to achieve "order training", and approved the provincial university students outside the practice of education base. Students in the school base can be paid internship, learning period can solve the family economic burden. The professional group is the highest college entrance examination rate of professional groups, 2016 research on-line rate of more than 34% (of which agricultural research on-line rate of more than 51%).

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