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1.Ordnance specialties (ammunition engineering and explosion technology, special energy technology and engineering)

Ordnance is one of the school's specialty, including ammunition engineering and explosion technology, special energy technology and engineering two professional. This kind of professional enrollment after school, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school, and according to the wishes of their students, select the specific category within the professional. The professional has a virtual simulation experiment teaching center in Liaoning Province.

Training objectives: training to meet the military, civil explosive, engineering blasting, special machinery industry and chemical industry and other business needs, with shell and arrow products (mechanical products) process design and manufacturing capabilities, civil explosive product process design and manufacturing capabilities, chemical products process design And manufacturing capacity, able to carry out military and civil explosive product process design and manufacturing, containing chemical materials system design, product manufacturing process preparation, experimental testing and technical management, "understand professional, strong skills, cooperation, good work" high Quality technology application talents.

Professional characteristics: The professional to military, civil explosive and special machinery, chemical industry business needs for the training of students in the main line, so that students have weapons engineers, safety engineers, blasting engineers, energy engineers, the basic quality of the system can be military or special machinery products , With the development of chemical materials design, manufacturing process design, laboratory testing. Since the professional contractors adhere to the path of combining production and research for the national civil explosive enterprises in nearly 1,000 professional and technical personnel to provide the opportunity to learn again in the industry has been widely recognized.

Employment for the main: for the military, civil explosive enterprises, engineering blasting, machinery manufacturing enterprises and chemical enterprises engaged in product design and manufacturing work, experimental testing work, while the military, public security, blasting companies and other departments engaged in safety management and blasting technology Of the work, but also to participate in public security, dangerous chemicals safety management and other national civil service examinations. At present, many graduates rely on professional advantage to obtain the public security organs of the special police posts, while the graduates can directly access to China's civil explosive equipment industry associations issued by the certificate.

In addition to participating in the work of serving the community, there are some students choose to continue their studies, since the establishment of the professional, the professional students admitted to the Beijing Institute of Technology, North University, Shenyang University of Technology graduate students and Nanjing University of Technology Doctoral students, the annual rate of enrollment rate of nearly 10% for the community to transport a large number of high-level applied talents.

2.Water conservancy (water conservancy and hydropower engineering, agricultural water conservancy project)

Water conservancy specialty includes water conservancy and hydropower engineering, agricultural water conservancy project two professional. This kind of professional enrollment after school, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school, and according to the wishes of their students, select the specific category within the professional.

Training objectives: The main professional training to master the basic knowledge of water conservancy, with water conservancy and hydropower project, soil and water conservation projects, agricultural irrigation and drainage projects, land consolidation project planning and design, construction, management of basic skills, to engage in water conservancy industry-related planning Design, construction, supervision, testing and other advanced technology applied talents.

Professional characteristics: The professional training programs are set in accordance with the engineering education certification standards, is the only one in Liaoning Province to cultivate water conservancy grassroots enterprises and institutions engaged in surveying, supervision, testing post technology application talents undergraduate professional, is the school eight key construction professional one.

According to the analysis of the occupational positions and tasks of the water conservancy industry, combined with the local economic development, the special set of water conservancy project supervision and testing, water conservancy and hydropower engineering survey and measurement of two characteristics of learning direction, based on Liaoshen, radiation northeast, and strive to build National application undergraduate brand professional.

For the construction of water conservancy projects and inspection direction of the graduates mainly for the hydropower, construction, transportation and other industries construction, testing, supervision units, engaged in engineering materials testing and testing, engineering quality inspection and assessment, project quality management and water conservancy and hydropower projects , Construction work, highway construction supervision work, but also in the construction enterprise construction management.

Water conservancy and hydropower engineering survey and measurement direction of the graduates mainly for the hydropower, construction, transportation and other industries survey and measurement units, engaged in engineering survey, mapping, land planning, database construction and so on.

In addition to the above two characteristics of the direction, the graduates of the professional water conservancy and hydropower industry can also large and medium-sized enterprises and local water conservancy departments, water conservancy and hydropower engineering design, construction and management work.

National "thirteen five" one hundred projects, water conservancy field occupies 16 seats, to the water industry has brought great opportunities. 2011 Central No. 1 document "on accelerating the development of water conservancy decision" proposed that the next 10 years of water investment will reach 4 trillion, "second five" plan to determine the water investment of 1.8 trillion. According to this estimate, water conservancy "thirteen five" plan investment scale is expected to further improve, year on year growth rate or more than 20%. Water industry employment prospects, graduates demand is very large.

In addition, nearly two years of our school water conservancy professional college entrance examination rate increased year by year, 2015, 18 graduates were North China University of Water Conservancy and Hydropower, Xi'an University of Technology, Shenyang Agricultural University and other well-known water institutions admitted, 2016 nearly 10% Of the students were Shenyang Agricultural University, Hebei Agricultural University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Liaoning University of Engineering and other institutions admitted. Students enrolled in the professional with a broad employment space and smooth further study channel.

3. Industrial Engineering

With the "Made in China 2025" top design officially released, industrial engineering has gradually become a national key construction professional, the prospects are extremely broad!

The thrust of industrial engineering is to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, which is the eternal theme of the pursuit of business. China as a manufacturing industry power, the real competitiveness should come from the efficiency of industrial projects, Liaoning Province, China's largest manufacturing base, the urgent need for a large number of industrial engineering professionals. Graduates have high employment rates and high salaries in many areas.

Training objectives: The professional training system to master the basic principles of mechanical engineering and modern industrial engineering basic theory and methods, with lean production and quality management and other core technical capacity, can be engaged in production system planning, design, evaluation and innovation work, have a good career Moral and innovative sense of "understand professional, strong skills, can cooperate, good work" high-quality technology applied talents.

Professional characteristics: the professional to cultivate a sense of innovation and strong practical ability to "understand professional, strong skills, cooperation, good work" high-quality technology applied talents as the goal, focusing on training students in the equipment manufacturing industry, the automotive industry Production and operation management, lean production and quality management and control and other practical application capacity.

Employment for: industrial engineering graduates, both engineering and management of the foundation, with a wide range of interpersonal and organizational skills, by foreign-funded enterprises, joint ventures, domestic large and medium-sized enterprises of all ages. In the enterprises and institutions engaged in lean management, quality management, production planning and material resources planning, standard working hours, factory layout, assembly line and station design, site improvement, logistics management, project management.

The graduates have graduated from ABB (China) Co., Ltd., Faurecia and other Fortune 500 companies. Part of the graduates choose to continue their studies, research rate increased year by year, 2016 probation rate has reached 20%.

4. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is one of the most popular national professional development in the 21st century. It is a cradle of environmental protection engineers for Chaoyang professional!

Training objectives: the professional training with water, gas, noise, solid waste and other pollution prevention and control, environmental monitoring and environmental quality assessment and other aspects of professional knowledge, in the government environmental protection departments, planning departments, economic management departments, industrial and mining enterprises, design units, Environmental protection company engaged in planning, design, construction, management and other aspects of the work "to understand professional, strong skills, can cooperate, good work" high-quality technology applied talents.

Professional characteristics: In order to enable students to do the combination of theory and practice, the professional teaching reform in the ongoing, deepen the school-enterprise cooperation base, so that students can "learn to do, do secondary school" to enhance the practical hands of students ability. In order to meet the urgent needs of employers, the professional to actively provide students during the school to obtain ISO14000 environmental management system certification internal auditor qualification certificate, in order to obtain registered environmental engineers, environmental impact assessment division to lay a solid foundation, Students' employment competitiveness.

The students have a solid theoretical knowledge of environmental engineering, professional and technical and engineering design capabilities, especially in the environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution, ecological restoration, (high concentration) of organic wastewater biochemical treatment and other aspects of unique.

Employment orientation: in the country to determine China's seven strategic emerging industries, energy conservation and environmental protection industry is located in the seven strategic industries, and will gradually become the pillar industry of the national economy, in the face of a large number of employment needs, the professional training of environmental protection jobs for the following categories:

(1) management categories: national environmental protection departments at all levels, environmental monitoring centers and other institutions;

(2) Consulting: Environmental assessment company; Bank's environmental risk assessment department; Environmental engineering consulting firm; Clean production audit company and department; National environmental management system (ISO14000) consulting service company;

(3) engineering and technical categories: engaged in environmental protection related projects (water treatment, flue gas treatment, indoor air testing, biogas and other new energy use) operating companies; environmental protection related projects of the equipment installation company;

(4) sales categories: environmental equipment companies, environmental protection materials companies and other enterprises in the market sector;

(5) design research and development categories: Environmental Design Institute, Environmental Science and Technology Institute;

(6) to further study

At present, many graduates have been in the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental protection companies and other enterprises and institutions inaugurated.

5. Safety Engineering

The professional is the focus of the State Administration of Work Safety Supervision and Management of professional support, graduates are mainly engaged in safety management, safety device design, safety evaluation and other work, wide range of employment, 2014, 2015 national employment rate of the top ten professional.

Training objectives: training with security testing and control, safety design and production, safety technology and management, safety education and training capacity, can effectively carry out accident prevention, accidental loss control, with innovative consciousness and strong practical ability to "understand professional, Strong skills, can cooperate, good work "high-quality technology applied talents.

Professional features: The professional is the country to recruit public security, security and other institutions of civil servants designated professional. The professional energy and chemical industry enterprises to the safety of production and business needs as the main line, involving fire blasting, dust ventilation, safety testing and monitoring and other technical fields, so that students have registered safety engineers, safety evaluation division, safety management division of the basic quality, Energy and chemical enterprises to produce, use, storage, transport of dangerous chemicals to develop safety management measures and safety technical measures, emergency rescue measures.

Employment: mainly for energy and chemical enterprises, the government's security department, the public security fire department and security technology research institutions, monitoring departments, occupational health industry, safety evaluation agencies and other intermediary service agencies to evaluate, monitor, monitor and manage. Mainly engaged in safety management, safety device design, safety assessment, safety training and education, fire and explosion prevention, accident analysis and forecasting and other work.

At present, many graduates in the safety supervision and administration, the Public Security Bureau, the Fire Department, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical, in the four innings, in the construction of a bureau and other related enterprises inauguration.

6. Surveying and mapping engineering

Training objectives: The professional training systematically grasp the basic theory of mapping science and technology, basic knowledge, master the basic skills necessary for mapping, with mapping engineering design, implementation and management capabilities, in urban planning and engineering construction measurement, resources Exploration and development, land and resources survey, map and geographic information system application and development and other fields of work, with a sense of innovation and strong practical ability, "understand professional, strong skills, cooperation, good work" high-quality technology applied the talents.

Professional characteristics: through the depth of school-enterprise integration, school and enterprise co-construction, and the famous surveying and mapping enterprises Dalian Jiucheng mapping and other corporate groups signed training contracts, schools and enterprises to cultivate "understand professional, strong skills, cooperation, good work" Direct induction of high-quality mapping engineering technology application talents.

Employment direction: graduates for mapping, water conservancy and hydropower, urban construction, roads, bridges, industrial and civil construction, land management and other departments engaged in:

⑴ kinds of engineering control network design, measurement, data processing and organization of work;

⑵ large scale topographic mapping work, cadastral and real estate measurement work;

⑶ measurement program design and measurement data processing work, commonly used in mapping software application work;

(4) Survey and technical work and organization work of various surveying and mapping projects and construction projects, Construction lofting work in engineering construction, Deformation monitoring of engineering buildings;

⑸ photogrammetry, geographic information system of the industry to draw the industry and mapping work;

⑹ various mapping equipment and mapping software training, technical support and sales work;

⑺ engaged in terrain mapping, engineering survey, real estate mapping, map mapping, surveying and mapping equipment marketing, surveying and mapping equipment maintenance work.

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