College of Energy and Water Conservancy

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The College of Energy and Water Conservancy includes armament and hydraulic as well as hydro-power majors, is the executive director of the association of blasting unit in Liaoning province, Liaoning province water conservancy association unit, and the designated vocational training center of national blasting equipment industry.

The college currently has 1,500 full-time undergraduate students across the following eight majors of ammunition and blast technology, water conservancy and hydro-power engineering, industrial engineering, safety engineering, environment engineering as well as surveying and mapping engineering. The school offers a well-trained faculty and staff team, with more than 40 full-time professional teachers, 68% of whom have achieved a master degree or above.

As a virtual simulation experiment teaching center of Liaoning province,  the college provides an comprehensive ammunition laboratory, fuse disassembling laboratory, water resources and hydro-power engineering laboratory and other 12 well-equipment professional laboratories. The school also has a good relationship with the corporations in the industry , enabling students to practice.

In recent years, the institute has built corporation relationship with Chungnam National University and Chungbuk National University, providing students with opportunities of international further study.

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