College of Life Engineering

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College of life engineering is one of the most distinctive schools in Shenyang Institute of Technology University. It combines life science and engineering. Forming a professional chain "from farm to table", covering agriculture and industry disciplines. College implements "a large class enrollment, triage training", "3+1" talent training model (3 yearsstudy in class + 1 year internship). Through the in depth cooperation between school and enterprise, all the students are provided "zero distance" employment. Currently more than 1,600 students study in this college, with more than 95% graduate student employment rate, and more than 30% students pass the postgraduate entrance examination, the number of students entering the 985 and 211 Engineering Universities increases every year. Plant production of the professional talents training reform plan has approved the first batch of national excellence in agriculture and forestry education training program reform pilot project in 2014, also the college is the only unit selected in practical and skillful talents in agriculture and forestry training mode units.

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