More than 400 teachers and students from Shenyang University of Technology to our school for training

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Recently, 26 teachers from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Shenyang University of Technology led more than 400 students in the 2021 level to our school to start a 22 -day internship training.

This time, teachers and students from Shenyang University of Technology and its automation, robotics engineering, vehicle engineering, and industrial engineering major will come to our school for internships. 5 practical teaching platforms, including the intelligent high -speed five -axis practice base, the “Belt and Road” high -quality application -oriented talent training base, focusing on 10, focusing on CNC machine tools and debugging and maintenance, multi -axis processing training, smart machine programming, automobile maintenance and maintenance Training projects to improve practical operation capabilities.

In recent years, our school has thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important speeches and instructions on the development of the revitalization and development of the Northeast and Liaoning. High -quality technical and technical talents that meet the needs of the Liaoning industry have achieved remarkable results. The school actively connects key industrial clusters such as new generation of information technology and intelligent manufacturing. Teaching introduces corporate equipment standards. It is supported by production equipment. Joint Innovation Center, Big Data Experimental Teaching Center, the “Belt and Road” high -quality application -oriented talent training base, and the training center of the School of Education School of Education.

This year, the school will also build more than 10 training centers including the KUKA College and the Rockwell School of Automation, which will focus on serving the industry's technical transformation, process improvement, and product upgrade. Essence As of now, the school's training facilities built by the school have reached nearly 80,000 square meters. In the future, schools will also build more high -end training centers to cultivate more outstanding talents for the society and contribute to the comprehensive revitalization and development of Liaoning in the new era.

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