Li Kangju, president SIT, led a team to carry out a special action of “visiting enterprises to expand posts and promote employment”

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In order to further strengthen the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, comprehensively improve the level of talent training, deepen the integration of production and education, supply and demand docking, promote the quality and efficiency of school employment work, focus on the innovation and development strategy of intelligent industry, from May 22 to 24, president Li Kangju with Liu Hong, Shenyang Institute of Technology special expert; Zhao Yuan, Mechanical Engineering and Automation School dean; Na Xuejiao, Vehicle Engineering professional head led a team to carry out a special action of visiting enterprises to expand positions and promote employment to Wuhan Lotus global smart factory, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., LTD., Xinyuan Automobile Industrial Park and other well-known enterprises to expand the post and promote graduates of high quality full employment, meanwhile, they also visited students of SIT working in the enterprise,  

President Li Kangju led the team to Wuhan Lotus Global Smart Factory, Qu Jun, Lotus Technology Vice President; Zhao Song and Yu Rong, deputy general manager; Wang Jingsi, human resources director and other leaders attended. Lotus is a world-renowned sports car and racing car manufacturer, formerly known as Lotus Sports cars, headquartered in Hethel, Norfolk, UK. Lotus Global Smart Factory is located in Hannan District, Wuhan City. It is a luxury car benchmark factory built according to lean production, digital intelligence, high flexibility and green production. It is the first factory in the world to be planned, designed and built with full-process 3D digital twin technology. Digital twin technology is widely used in stamping, welding, painting and final assembly of the four major workshops, logistics, factory energy power supply system. First of all, Deputy General Manager Zhao Song made a general introduction to the factory, including the application of digital, intelligent and visual production methods in stamping, welding, painting, assembly workshop, production logistics, quality control and other aspects. Then, under the leadership of Vice President Qu Jun, we visited Lotus Global Smart Factory and learned about the “the best leading manufacturing technology in many industries, as well as the strict process standards and quality assurance system.

After the visit, there was a discussion between the school and the enterprise. Li Kangju introduced the development history, school-running characteristics, personnel training, disciplinary and professional advantages of SIT, and hoped to deepen cooperation with us in personnel training, internship and employment through the opportunity of visiting enterprises, so as to promote mutual complementarity and mutual benefit. Lotus highly recognizes the talent training results of our school and looks forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the school. The two sides reached consensus on school-enterprise cooperation, personnel training, practice base construction, employment supply and demand docking, and both sides agreed to strengthen cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

President Li Kangju led the team to Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., LTD. Jiang Rongliang, Vice president of Huazhong Numerical Control and President of Huasu College; Zhou Li, Assistant president of Huazhong Numerical Control and general manager of Education Division; Sun Hailiang, Vice President of Huasu College; Xu Rui, minister of school-enterprise Cooperation Department of Huasu College and other leaders attended. Vice President Jiang Rongliang welcomed President Li Kangju and his delegation to visit and exchange. Founded in 1994, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. is the research and industrialization base of domestic medium and high-end numerical control systems, the first listed company in the domestic numerical control system industry, and the industry leader. Since January 2020, SIT has carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with Huazhong Numerical Control Co., LTD., established a long-term and close school-enterprise cooperation relationship, jointly built Shenyang Institute of Technology - Huazhong Numerical Control Industry College, established the Belt and Road employment-based class, explored the profession + language training mode, and achieved remarkable talent training results. This visit to Huazhong CNC is intended to expand the depth of school-enterprise cooperation, and the two sides jointly promote the deep integration of the talent, innovation and industrial chain of intelligent, high-speed and five-axis key technologies. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the establishment of the second Belt and Road employment-based class, the long-term mechanism of the school-enterprise cooperation talent training mode, the compilation of featured textbooks, the effective reform path of practical teaching, student internship, and employment positions, and reached a consensus on the deep integration of production and education.

Zhou Li, assistant to the president, accompanied the visit to the Central China CNC exhibition Hall, introduced the development history of Central China CNC, product technology advantages and applications in related industries and universities, and led the visit to the companys production workshop and research and development laboratory. Based on the industrial machine card neck technology field, Huazhong CNC adheres to the purpose of independence, self-reliance, self-improvement to promote independent innovation in the machine tool CNC system plate, industrial robot plate, intelligent production line business plate and new energy vehicles and supporting plates.

Principal Li Kangju communicated with Wang Zhonghui and Wang Yihao, the students working in Huazhong CNC Equipment Division of our school, to deeply understand the work content and accommodation of the students, and encouraged the students to study humidly and constantly improve themselves, so that they can make a progress very soon.

During the visit, he also visited Chongqing Xinyuan Automobile Industrial Park, attended by Guo Quanrui, Deputy general manager of Xinyuan New Energy Division; Wang Yueyu, Technical director of Xinyuan Automobile; Zhu Tianyu, Minister of Personnel Department of Xinyuan Automobile and other leaders. Xinyuan Automobile is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. Its product line covers a full range of products such as micro passenger, micro card and new energy logistics vehicles. Minister Zhu Tianyu introduced the development, construction, manufacturing process and corporate culture of the company, and then visited the stamping workshop, welding workshop and final assembly workshop under the guidance of Xinyuan Automobile production technicians. After the visit, the two sides had a discussion. During the discussion, the parties of the school and enterprise conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation mechanism of talent supply and demand, internship and employment, and the integration of industry and education. At the end of the symposium, we reached an agreement on the establishment of a regular exchange and cooperation mechanism, and will continue to carry out school-enterprise cooperation in the future.

The school leaders personally led the team to expand the channels for graduates to find jobs, lay the foundation for the development of school-enterprise cooperation, and truly take the lead in reflecting the  concept of full members, all-round, and the whole process. The university will continue to deepen the school-enterprise exchange mechanism, explore effective ways to cultivate high-quality talents, strengthen the connection between supply and demand, and take multiple measures to expand employment resources to help students find high-quality employment and talent training high-quality development.

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