Shenzhen Beili Moscow University First Vice President Sergei and His Delegation Visited the University for Inspection and Exchange

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On March 22nd, Chairman Wang Zhaobao, President Li Kangju, Vice President Xu Ying, and former President Sun Yuhua of Dalian Foreign Studies University met with the visiting delegation led by Sergei Nikolayevich Ivan č enko, the First Vice President of Moscow University in Shenzhen. Both parties are in talks on cooperation matters.

Wang Zhaobao, on behalf of the school, welcomed the arrival of Sergei and his delegation, and gave a detailed introduction to the school's development history, educational objectives, professional construction, international cooperation, and other aspects. He was full of confidence and expectation for the cooperation prospects between the two schools. He pointed out that Shenyang Institute of Technology has outstanding advantages in science and engineering majors, with multiple advantageous disciplines such as machinery, vehicles, and electronic information. It has a strong faculty and is committed to cultivating high-quality applied talents. The school has cooperated with several well-known enterprises such as Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. to establish on campus and off campus training bases, jointly build order classes, and jointly cultivate talents, achieving fruitful results. The university attaches great importance to international cooperation, actively serves the "the Belt and Road" initiative, has established stable cooperative relations with many universities in countries along the "the Belt and Road", carries out exchanges and cooperation in teacher training, talent training, scientific research cooperation, co construction of laboratories, cultural exchanges and other aspects, and continues to expand cooperative institutions to promote in-depth cooperation. Under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, a large number of self owned brand enterprises with high-end CNC, industrial interconnection, automobile manufacturing and other key core technologies have set up joint ventures and factories in the "the Belt and Road" and other countries, opening up huge markets. It is urgent to cultivate a large number of "professional+language" high-quality applied talents. The school actively promotes the reform of "professional+language" education and teaching, cultivates scarce talents in the industry, and promotes high-quality employment for students. The school provides students with a high-quality teaching environment and also offers free Russian language training throughout the school. At present, there is increasing cooperation and exchanges between China and Russia, and the development trend of cooperation in the field of education between China and Russia is good. The cultural exchanges between the two countries will become increasingly close. I hope that the two schools can fully leverage their respective strengths, work together to promote the development of international education, cultivate more applied talents with international perspectives and innovative spirit, and contribute wisdom and strength to international education cooperation.

Sergei introduced the historical evolution, educational philosophy, disciplinary characteristics, and outstanding achievements of Shenzhen Beili Moscow University in the field of international education. Shenzhen Beili Moscow University is an emerging and highly promising university based on the friendly relationship between China and Russia. The school closely cooperates with Beijing Institute of Technology and Moscow University to cultivate elite talents. He fully affirmed the achievements of our school's education and governance, and gave high praise to the construction of our school's practical training center. He pointed out that Shenyang Institute of Technology has a clear idea of running a school and an accurate positioning, and has achieved fruitful results in cooperation with colleges and universities along the "the Belt and Road" and in serving the "the Belt and Road" initiative. Recommend Shenyang Institute of Technology to more Russian universities to support its international education efforts. He hopes that the two schools can jointly provide more employment opportunities for graduates, especially to build a broader development platform for high-quality bilingual talents in China and Russia. Both sides will work hand in hand and work together to overcome difficulties, continuously strengthen the characteristics of education, achieve complementary advantages, and jointly embark on a new journey of high-quality development.

Sergei and his delegation visited our Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center, Inspur Industrial Internet College Joint Innovation Center, and Preschool Education College Training Center, and spoke highly of our excellent teaching environment and advanced teaching facilities.

Zhao Yuan, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Wu Qiong, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Li Xiaobo, Dean of the School of Information and Control, Zhang Lili, Dean of the School of International Education, and Liu Yefeng, Director of the Science and Technology Department, accompanied the inspection.

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