Twenty-one Students from Shenyang Institue of Technology’s “Belt and Road” Customized Training Program Have Been Successfully Recruited.

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On March 20th, Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd. and its branch company, Shenyang Huafei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., came to our school for recruitment. After a series of written tests and interviews, seven students from the “Belt and Road” customized training program jointly organized by Shenyang Institute of Technology and Wuhan Central China Numerical Control were offered employment opportunities in the international business department of Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd. Fourteen other students were selected for comprehensive internships in the international business department, high-end numerical control/major project command center of Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd., as well as Shenyang Huafei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. During these internships, they will be involved in tasks such as the installation and commissioning of CNC machines, as well as the design of automated production lines. In the near future, more enterprises in the industry will “Belt and Road” customized training program will have the opportunity to demonstrate their value and capabilities in these enterprises.

In September 2023, our university jointly established the Shenyang Institute of Technology - Central China Numerical Control “Belt and Road” customized training program with Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd. to jointly cultivate high-quality and applied talents with both professional skills and Russian language proficiency who are urgently needed in the industry, with 42 students enrolled in the inaugural class. This customized class is a bilingual program in Chinese and Russian that focuses on the application, debugging, and maintenance of high-end CNC machines. It emphasizes intensive training in the operation of high-end CNC machines and the Russian language. The objective is to provide services and technical support to countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, contributing to Liaoning’s efforts to establish itself as a hub for open cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Both the school and the enterprise jointly formed a teaching team, developed courses and compiled textbooks together, and customized courses such as theory, practice, and competition projects for students based on the actual needs of the enterprise. They adopted a project-based teaching model using real projects from the enterprise and focusing on solving practical problems. The practical projects and competition topics were provided by Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd., covering various aspects such as machine tool structure, electrical control, process analysis, numerical control programming, machine tool debugging and maintenance. The school also provided free Russian language instruction for students.

The customized training program aims to cultivate talents who can apply multi-axis CNC machines to solve CAM programming and simulation, processing technology formulation, machine operation, debugging, and maintenance issues for complex parts in industries such as aerospace and mold manufacturing. These talents will be qualified for various positions in high-end manufacturing fields, including five-axis programming engineers, five-axis processing technology engineers, field engineers, sales managers, multi-axis machine debugging engineers, and after-sales engineers. Additionally, they will possess the ability to communicate in Russian within the industry and translate equipment manuals.

Yan Liang, a student majoring in mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation in the “Belt and Road” customized training program of the Class of 2020, said that he was extremely happy to work at Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd. His learning experience in the “Belt and Road” customized training program has been very rewarding. Relying on the high-end platforms such as the “Belt and Road” high-quality applied talent training base established by our school, I have not only learned advanced technologies and possess excellent practical abilities, but also mastered a foreign language. This has greatly improved my employability and enabled me to achieve high-quality employment successfully.

The outstanding performance of students in the “Belt and Road” customized training program has received high recognition from relevant leaders of Wuhan Central China Numerical Control Co., Ltd. Lan Haijun, the deputy general manager of the international business department, said, “We have gained a lot from this recruitment trip to the ‘major + language’ customized training program at Shenyang Institute of Technology.” The students in the customized training program have demonstrated excellent overall performance, possessing solid theoretical knowledge and excellent practical abilities. More importantly, their Russian language proficiency has reached the level of daily communication, which particularly meets the needs of our business development. This also creates a qualified talent pool for enterprises related to numerical control systems and numerical control machine tools. The “Belt and Road” customized training program jointly established by both parties has achieved excellent results. In the future, we will continue to jointly cultivate talents urgently needed by the industry, providing strong talent support for the construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Written by College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

Pictured by Ding Shengzhe

Proofread by Zhang Qian

Checked by Zhao Yuan

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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