SIT has reached cooperation intentions with many Russian universities

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From September 25th to 26th, the 13th Forum of University Presidents of Northeast China and Russia’s Far East and Siberia was held in Harbin, co-sponsored by Northeast Agricultural University and Russia’s Pacific State University. President Li Kangju attended the meeting and met with the Russian Consul General in Harbin and heads of many Russian universities.

Before the opening of the forum, Li Kangju met with Mr. Linnik, the Consul General of Russia in Harbin, and introduced the basic situation of SIT’s educational philosophy, education model, school scale and international exchanges and cooperation in detail. In particular, SIT has carried out academic cooperation with Russian universities over the years. International cooperation and the fruitful results were achieved. Li Kangju expressed SIT’s willingness to actively promote international exchanges and cooperation, and hoped that Consul General Mr. Lin Nick would give SIT strong support, build an exchange and cooperation platform between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Russian universities, and invite Consul General Mr. Lin Nick to visit the school.

On September 25, Li Kangju met with Martnenko, acting president of Zabaikal State University in Russia. The two parties reviewed the cooperation between the two schools and the results achieved, and discussed how to further deepen the cooperation between the two schools in the future. In the future, the two universities will deepen cooperation in the field of digital twin research, joint student training, student cultural exchanges, and short-term teacher exchanges. Russia's Zabaikal State University will send students to participate in our school's CNC technology order class and information technology order class. And Russian teachers will be sent to participate in the Russian teaching in our school.

On the same day, Li Kangju met with President Komin of Primorsky State Agricultural and Technical University of Russia. This is the first offline meeting between the principals of the two schools since they established a cooperative relationship in 2020. Both parties fully affirmed the achievements of cooperation between the two universities in the past three years and proposed a series of directions for deepening cooperation. The two parties will cooperate and exchange visits in the application of IT technology in the agricultural field, joint response to African swine fever, and prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests. Li Kangju expressed the hope that the 12 teachers from our school who are studying for doctoral degrees from Primorsky State Agricultural and Technical University of Russia can become a bridge and link between the two universities and contribute to the educational and scientific and technological cooperation between the two universities and the two countries.

During the event, Li Kangju also held talks with Malfin, President of Russia’s Pacific State University, Plutenko, President of Amur State University, Karnikov, President of Irkutsk State Technical University, and Schmidt, President of Irkutsk State University. Both parties exchanged views on their respective school running situations and expressed their desire for further cooperation.

Zhang Lili, dean of the School of International Education, and Xu Kun, director of the Russian Teaching and Research Office of the School of International Education, accompanied the meeting.

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