A visit to increase employment opportunities in Tianjin led by Party Secretary Hu Xiaomei

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From September 19 to 21, Party Secretary Hu Xiaomei led her group to visit enterprises to Tianjin to explore employment opportunities, and to conduct a survey on social needs and a follow-up survey on the employment status of graduates in order to carry out in-depth activities to expand jobs and promote employment by visiting enterprises. Attendances, seven teachers, included Li Hongyan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Biotechnology, and etc.

Party Secretary Hu and her group visited four companies, including Tianjin Yaoming Kangde New Drug Development Co., Ltd., Ruipai Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Tianjin Huacai Certification Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Hankang Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, they listened carefully to the employers' evaluations and feedback on our graduates, visited in-service graduates, exchanged views on talent training, professional settings, ability achievement, etc., and had in-depth exchanges and cooperation in fields such as talent supply and demand, school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education.

Hu Wenqiang, the rotating president of Ruipai Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd.  warmly welcomed Hu Xiaomei and his entourage, highly praised the quality of our school's talent training program, and presented the school with a pennant: school-enterprise cooperation for a win-win situation, and an innovative path for talent cultivation. The two sides also signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement. They hope to target the talent needs of the pet industry on the basis of the “Ruipai Talent Order Class”, highlighting accurate connections between disciplines and majors, continuing to deepen school-enterprise cooperation in various fields, and promoting fuller and higher quality employment for graduates.

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