Hu Xiaomei carried out special actions of "Visiting Enterprises, Expanding Positions" by leading a team to Liaoning Hongtu Chuangzhan Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd

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In order to further promote the special actions of "Visiting Enterprises, Expanding Positions, and Promoting Employment" and fully do a good job in the employment work of the 2023 graduates of our school, recently, Hu Xiaomei, secretary of the school party committee, led a team to visit Liaoning Hongtu Chuangzhan Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site research on internships and employment positions in the BIM application field of water conservancy and civil engineering majors.Han Guochao, general manager of Liaoning Hongtu Chuangzhan Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd., and Wu Xiaoyan, minister of human resources, warmly met with Hu Xiaomei and her delegation.

During the meeting, Han Guochao gave a detailed introduction to the enterprise's service field, development process, innovation achievements, and other aspects, and elaborated on the company's main business prospects and future talent needs. He stated that the enterprise and the school have a deep foundation of cooperation and a wide range of cooperation space, and the graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology who came to work in the enterprise have gradually grown into the core technical backbone of the company. He hopes to further strengthen cooperation with the school, continuously attract more students to the enterprise for rotation internship practice and social services, continuously strengthen the docking efforts in the field of industry and education integration, give full play to the advantages of both parties, and promote high-quality development of both school and enterprise.

Hu Xiaomei introduced the basic situation and construction achievements of the school, and expressed sincere gratitude to the company for the recognition of the school's educational achievements and support for the employment work. She pointed out that the employment situation for college graduates in 2023 is still severe. Our school will seriously implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and important instructions of president Xi on doing a good job in employment work, deepen the implementation of the "Top Leader" project in employment work, continue to carry out special actions of "Visiting Enterprises, Expanding Positions, and Promoting Employment", and deeply explore employment positions in characteristic industries and infrastructure construction. She hopes that both sides will continue to deepen the exchange and cooperation mechanism, establish on serving local economic development, continuously deepen the integration of industry and education, accurately match the needs of industrial development, jointly cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with innovative spirit, and make new and greater contributions to winning the "Liaoshen Campaign" in the new era.

Hu Xiaomei and her delegation visited the data production base of Liaoning Hongtu Chuangzhan Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd., accompanied by Hao Zhijian, dean of the School of Energy and Water Resources, and Qu Xiaohan, vice dean.

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