Hu Xiaomei visited Liaoning Ruipai Pet Hospital Management Company

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In order to further promote the special action of visiting enterprises and promoting employment, Hu Xiaomei, Party Secretary of the University, on March 23, led a team to visit Liaoning Ruipai Dongbei Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd., and had in-depth exchanges with Zhao Chuang, general manager of the company, to promote school-enterprise cooperation and expand employment resources.

Zhao Chuang extended a warm welcome to Hu Xiaomei and his delegation, introducing the company's development process, scale and the development status of the industry, and explaining the prospect of the main business and the future demand for talents. He said that the graduates of Shenyang Institute of Technology generally have a solid theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and learning ability, down-to-earth, diligent and hard work, and grow rapidly in practical work. We hope to continue to maintain close school-enterprise cooperation with Shen Gong, constantly improve the quality of order-type talent training for school-enterprise management "I Love I love class", welcome more students to practice and social services in enterprises, and work together with the school to reserve more excellent talents for the pet diagnosis and treatment industry.

Hu Xiaomei expressed her sincere thanks to Liaoning Ruipai Dongbei Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd. for its strong support to the school, and fully affirmed the achievements of school-enterprise cooperation over the years. After introducing the basic situation of school and construction achievements, hu said, the school party committee thoroughly study and apply the party's 20 spirit and xi general secretary of important instructions for employment spirit, the spring to promote employment crucial action as the priority of the current graduate employment, according to the construction of the party central committee investigation and study of the deployment, comprehensive and accurate grasp the employment situation task, seize the critical period, to ensure to achieve the expected goal. It is hoped to continuously promote the collaborative education mode of "co-production, co-management, co-education, co-construction, co-research and sharing" with Liaoning Ruipai Company for many years, continuously expand the areas of cooperation, and cultivate more high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit and practical ability.

Liaoning Ruipai Dongbei Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, responsible for the management and investment of more than 50 stores in Shenyang and other places. The hospital is the largest comprehensive pet diagnosis and treatment institution with the most advanced equipment and the highest annual number of cases in northeast China. In 2017, the university signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with the company, sharing resources and complementary advantages. Through the form of named class, it has jointly trained 38 students majoring in animal medicine and animal science, and jointly applied for a number of innovation and entrepreneurship training projects for college students.

Accompanied by Zhao Chuang, Hu Xiaomei and his delegation visited the pet operating room, ward and clinic room of Ruipai Company.

Li Mengying, assistant director of Liaoning Ruipai Dongbei Pet Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Li Hongyan, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Engineering, and Jia Zhitao, head of university and enterprise cooperation visited together.

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