The Sino-Belarus Machinery Parts hardening, repair and protection innovation Center was launched in Shenyang Institute of Technology

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On October 25th, the launching ceremony of "China-Belarusian Machinery Parts hardening, Repair and Protection Innovation Center" jointly built by Shenyang Institute of Technology and Belarus National Technical University was held in Shenyang Institute of Technology. Belarus national technical university, academician, Shen Fu reform and innovation demonstration area management committee director, Zhao Jiapeng, deputy director of the Liaoning province department and foreign expert service director zhang in the group, Shenyang institute of technology chairman Wang Zhaobao and school leaders Hu Xiaomei, Li Kangju, Shao Yu, wen-guo li, xelloss countries attended the launch ceremony.

President Li Kangju pointed out in his speech that the establishment of the "Innovation Center for Belarus Mechanical Parts hardening, Repair and Protection" will further improve the teaching and research level of mechanical engineering disciplines of Shenyang Institute of Technology and the National Technical University of Belarus. At present, the material experimental center building with a total area of more than 2,000 square meters has been transformed, and the laboratory construction scheme jointly designed by the two schools is being steadily implemented, including spraying, laser overlaying, laser additive manufacturing, laser welding, laser quenching and other technical laboratories. Believe in Shen Fu reform innovation demonstration area, provincial department support, under the joint efforts of the two schools, material science laboratory construction will be together as soon as possible at all levels of science and technology, scientific facilities and research and development platform, continuous support strategic emerging industry development, service the new era education strategy and opening strategy, will be for the northeast, Liaoning revitalization innovation driving force, to promote the development of "Belt and Road" high quality contribution wisdom, to promote China and the world technology innovation and key industry development contribution greater power.

Zhao Jiapeng pointed out in his speech that Shenyang Institute of Technology, as the only undergraduate university in the demonstration zone, bears the important mission of talent training and export. The establishment of "Zhongbai Machinery Parts hardening, Repair and Protection Innovation Center" has played a great role in promoting the professional construction, discipline development and talent training of the school. Hope to rely on the laboratory, Shenyang institute of technology and belarus national technical university can around the new materials, laser additive manufacturing and other fields with domestic and foreign related academic institutions, universities, scientific research institutions, solve the key technical problems of enterprises, improve the level of the industry as a whole, for the demonstration area of education, economy injected new vitality.

Zhang Zaiqun pointed out in his speech that Shenyang Institute of Technology is actively exploring various fields of scientific and technological innovation in the province, and has continuously made new breakthroughs, becoming a model of scientific and technological innovation of private universities and international cooperation between science and technology with foreign countries in the province. In particular, the joint laboratory has opened a new chapter in the process of scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road route. Hope in the future joint laboratory, not only to deepen and the top scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises of complementary functions, benign interaction, and aiming at the construction of national provincial laboratory target, adhere to the forward-looking lead, highlight the original innovation, strengthen the top-level design, around material science build breakthrough, leading, platform integration innovation platform. We will promote the connection between science and technology and the economy, and between innovation achievements and industrial transformation, build a "benchmark" sino-foreign joint laboratory platform, create a first-class innovation environment for the scientific and technological talents of the two countries, and build a model of "Belt and Road" scientific and technological cooperation.

His academician in his speech pointed out that in recent years, Shenyang institute of technology and belarus national technical university in the field of education services, science and technology research and development established the depth of cooperation relations, multiple expected target has become a reality, especially in the "2 + 2" student joint training program, etc., has achieved fruitful results. The establishment of "Zhongbai Machinery Parts hardening, Repair and Protection Innovation Center" is of great significance. Both sides will be committed to the training of undergraduate students, explore the training of high-level talents such as master students and doctoral students, and constantly improve the quality and level of talent training. It is hoped that with the strong support from all sectors of society, the two universities will work together to build the cooperative innovation center into an example of China-Belarus cooperation.

Shenyang Institute of Technology actively serves the "Belt and Road" initiative, and carries out exchanges and cooperation with many universities in countries along the "Belt and Road" route in teacher training, talent training, scientific research cooperation, joint construction of laboratories and cultural exchanges. Shenyang Institute of Technology currently has 16 Russian-Ukrainian and Belarus friendly universities, established Sino-Russian Food Biotechnology International Joint Laboratory, Pushkin Institute, Sino-Russian Academic Alliance, and "Belt and Road" i5 Intelligent Manufacturing Development Research Center, etc.

On the same day, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, and Academician Academician Stantinovich was appointed as a science and technology consultant of Shenyang Institute of Technology. Participants visited the "China-Belarus Machinery Parts hardening, Repair and Protection Innovation Center". After the meeting, Academician Stantinovic and his team members had a discussion with the teachers and students.


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