Shi Haibin, a teacher of SIT was approved again for the National Art Fund project

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Recently, the National Art Fund Management Center has released the list of 2022 funding projects. The art creation funding project “Brilliant Victory, Crossing the Yangtze River - Commemorating the Centennial of the Communist Party of China,” declared by Shi Haibin, the deputy dean of the School of Art and Media of Shenyang Institute of Technology, was approved. This is Shi Haibin’s second approval of the National Art Fund project after the Chinese painting “Chinese Story - The Silk Road Today Extension” was approved for the 2017 Youth Artistic Creation Talent Funding Project. Compared with the previous youth projects, the approved art creation projects have no age level definition, and the scope of participation in the declaration covers the entire professional field, and the artistic level is more authoritative.

The National Art Fund approved by the State Council and is a national-level highest scientific research projectis and subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance. This time, Shi Haibin’s project is created by a group of Chinese paintings. The most typical fragments are selected from several historical moments of the Chinese People’s Liberation War to form 12 pictures, which together form a whole.The works are divided into 3 themes, namely “Clarion”, “Fighting” and “Victory”, and each theme consists of 4 pictures. The works try to show this magnificent battle from different angles of time and space.The works strive to highly integrate and unify the form and content, and show the magnificent history in an all-round and multi-angle manner through artistic processing.

Shi Haibin graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He always adheres to a rigorous and serious creative attitude, and is committed to integrating the essence of traditional national culture into contemporary art creation. His artistic creation has been fruitful and has won more than ten national awards.The work Rainy Season was selected for the 2016 National Chinese Painting Exhibition, the work Summer·Silence won the Excellence Award of the 3rd National Chinese Painting Exhibition of Auspicious Grassland, Danqing Deer City, and the work Summer·Desolate was selected for the first session of Freehand China Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition.


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Project Works

Shi Haibin in painting

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