Our teachers won the first teacher teaching competition of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province Won a good achievement

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On August 13, Liaoning Provincial Department of education printed and distributed the notice of the office of Liaoning Provincial Department of education on publishing the winners of the first Liaoning ordinary college teachers' teaching competition (Liao Jiao ban [2021] No. 258). Our school won 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 4 third prizes.

The competition is divided into three links: preliminary, semi-final and final. More than 5000 teachers from 60 universities such as Dalian University of technology, Northeast University and Liaoning University participated in the competition. After selection and recommendation of various teaching units, evaluation and guidance of school level experts, our school finally selected 6 teachers to participate in the semi-finals. After the competition organizing committee selected the contestants' teaching video, teaching design and courseware production, all the participating teachers of our school won awards. Among them, Wang Lina, director of the marketing department of the school of economics and management, successfully qualified for the top 50 finals of the arts and Sciences Group and won the first prize of the arts group. Among the top 50 universities, our university is one of the only two private universities.

The holding of the first teachers' teaching competition in Colleges and universities in Liaoning Province is an important measure to implement the province's colleges and universities to deepen undergraduate teaching reform and solidly promote the connotation development of higher education. Our school will take the teacher teaching competition as an important carrier to deepen classroom teaching reform and improve undergraduate teaching quality, and strive to cultivate a team of high-quality professional and innovative teachers to meet the requirements of the new era. At the same time, it is hoped that the award-winning teachers will carry forward their achievements, make persistent efforts, constantly enhance their awareness and ability of reform and innovation, actively participate in educational innovation practice, and comprehensively improve the level of teaching and education. It is hoped that the majority of teachers will take the award-winning teachers as an example, firmly establish the awareness of reform and innovation, actively carry out education and teaching research, constantly deepen classroom teaching reform and continuously improve the quality of education and teaching.


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