Our University and Shenyang Ligong University Carried Out Undergraduate Teaching Cooperation and Exchange Activities

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On August 13, Shu Qilin, Vice-president of Shenyang Ligong University, and his party came to our university to conduct research and exchange on undergraduate teaching cooperation. President Li Kangju and Vice-president Gong Piguo received Shu Qilin and his party.

The leaders of Shenyang Ligong University first visited the Intelligent Manufacturing Experimental Teaching Center, Robot Training Center, School of Huazhong Numerical Control and School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, inquired in detail about the construction and teaching development of the training base, and spoke highly of the teaching investment, school running conditions and teaching achievements.

In order to implement the consensus on open school running and school-school cooperation and further promote undergraduate teaching cooperation, the two sides held in-depth discussions and exchanges. In terms of inter university study, Shenyang Institute of Technology will select some professional students to Shenyang Ligong University according to the wishes of students; With regard to the mutual employment of teachers, the two sides will select excellent teachers to undertake the teaching of some courses of the other school, so as to promote the exchange of teachers and teaching work; In terms of textbook development, the two universities will jointly develop high-quality textbooks suitable for the cultivation of applied talents for the needs of first-class majors, first-class courses, new majors and special majors; With regard to the construction of curriculum team, the two sides will hire teachers to join each other's curriculum team, carry out curriculum construction, research activities and academic exchanges, and build a high-level curriculum team; For the work of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the two universities will jointly carry out the guidance of school level innovation and entrepreneurship training team and jointly hold innovation competition. The two sides also exchanged views and reached a consensus on cooperation in other teaching work. The exchange activities achieved complete success and fruitful results.

On July 21, the presidents of the two universities took the lead in launching an exchange activity to strengthen university-level cooperation and reached a consensus on “comprehensively promoting open school running and school-school cooperation”. This undergraduate teaching cooperation and exchange activity is an important measure to deeply implement the consensus of the two universities, and comprehensively opens the exchange and cooperation, complementary advantages and resource sharing of undergraduate teaching work. It is of great significance to promote the improvement of undergraduate teaching quality and promote the comprehensive and specific cooperation between the two universities.

Leaders from the Academic Affairs Office, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Shenyang Ligong University, and leaders from Teaching Management Department, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, School of Information and Control and School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Shenyang Institute of Technology participated in the exchange activities.


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Shu Qilin and his party are visiting our training base.

The scene of Meeting.

The leaders are posing for pictures.

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