Professor Hu Shengsun from Tianjin University Came to Our School to Give a Report

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On June 24th, Professor Hu Shengsun of Tianjin University, the expert of Chinese engineering education professional certification, were invited to our school to give a theme report entitled "Research and Certification Standards to Promote Professional Construction". President Li Kangju, Executive Vice President Yang Lin, leaders of various teaching units and responsible Representatives of different majors attended the report meeting. The report was presided over by Liang Shuang, the Minister of Teaching Management.

Hu Shengsun gave a detailed introduction to the background and status quo, norms and standards of engineering education professional certification, as well as the main processes and preparations for certification. Hu Shengsun further clarified the three aspects of “student-centered, output-oriented, and continuous improvement” from the four aspects of engineering education professional certification, training goals and graduation requirements, curriculum system and syllabus, continuous improvement and internal evaluation mechanism. Combined with the reality of our school, he analyzes the deficiencies in the curriculum goals set by our school, graduation requirements index points, the degree of achievement of the curriculum goals, and the formulation of the syllabus, and puts forward specific points and improvement measures.

In his concluding speech, Liang Shuang points out that this report has important theoretical and practical guiding significance for the school to promote the professional certification of engineering education, and hopes that the school's teaching management personnel will integrate the corresponding certification standards into the talent training plan and curriculum system formulation in a timely manner. The faculty should effectively guarantee the smooth progress of the school's professional certification work, lay a solid foundation for the school's "three-up" development task, and promote the school's education and teaching level to a new level.  


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Professor Hu Shengsun Give a Report.

Liang Shuang, Director of Teaching Management Department, made a concluding speech.

The report meeting scene.


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