Professor Zhang zuogang, former vice president of Liaoning University of engineering and technology

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On June 23, Professor Zhang zuogang, former vice president of Liaoning University of engineering and technology, came to our university to give a theme report entitled "Some Thoughts on the specialty construction and talent cultivation of private undergraduate colleges". Our middle-level and above leading cadres, directors of teaching and research departments and professional leaders attended the meeting, which was presided over by Vice President Gong piguo.

At the report meeting, Zhang zuogang systematically discussed the significance of qualification assessment to the development of newly established undergraduate colleges, the definition and connotation of education, and the cultivation of applied talents. He focused on the analysis of the internal relationship between specialty construction and talent cultivation, and put forward the development direction and realization path of Education reform in application-oriented undergraduate colleges.

Zhang zuogang pointed out that high-level application-oriented universities should carry out education and teaching reform with students as the center, focusing on five aspects: first, we should make clear the University's major and professional orientation, fully understand the connotation of disciplines and majors, and clarify the standards and positioning of undergraduate majors; Second, it is necessary to strengthen the skills and abilities of applied talents, clarify the training objectives of professional talents, further improve students' basic skills, transferable skills and professional (vocational) skills, and clarify the teaching purpose of skill training; The third is to optimize the teaching content of applied talents training. In the teaching of comprehensive courses, we should focus on the cultivation of students' relevant skills, and use formative evaluation to judge students' skills and ability cultivation level by arranging small papers and project research; The fourth is to promote the change of teaching and learning concept. The school's teaching concept should change from paying attention to teaching to paying attention to learning, adhere to the results oriented, and further change the focus of education from "teaching" to "learning"; Fifthly, in order to realize the transformation of teaching and learning mode, schools should distinguish the teaching tasks of different majors according to the differences of majors, and the same majors can design diversified training programs according to the individual situation of students.

In his concluding speech, Gong piguo asked all units to seriously study the spirit of this report, deeply understand the connotation of higher education, grasp the law of higher education, and further deepen the reform of education and teaching in combination with the actual situation of our university, so as to clarify the ideas for the revision of the new round of talent training plan, and provide guarantee for the smooth progress of the follow-up rectification work of the qualification assessment, Make great efforts to make the quality of personnel training of our university reach a new level and contribute to the construction of the best applied technology university.

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Professor Zhang zuogang gave a keynote speech.

At the meeting.


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