The Recruitment Fair of Spring of 2021 for China Ordnance Equipment Group Held in Our University

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The Special Spring Recruitment fair of China Ordnance Equipment Group was held in Qiuyuan building of Shenyang Institute of technology on April 9, 2021. There were 11 enterprises from China Ordnance Equipment Group coming here to select personswith ability, providing more than 400 jobs in multiple disciplines such as ordnance, machinery, computer, business administration, etc. According to preliminary statistics, more than 10 students signed employment agreements with enterprises on the spot, and nearly 100 students reached employment intention.

Lin Jiang, director of Recruitment of Human Resource Development Center of China Ordnance Equipment Group, said that the graduates trained by Shenyang Institute of Technology have high comprehensive quality and can adapt to the post requirements of technical support and production management. There are many excellent employees from Shenyang Institute of Technology in the group. In the future, the group will continue to carry out cooperation with the school, and realize the "seamless connection" between talent training and enterprise demand by holding a series of activities such as recruitment promotion meeting and experience sharing meeting with those excellent alumni.Wang Shunsheng, director of Human Resources Department of Heilongjiang North Tools Co., Ltd. of China Ordnance Equipment Group, said that with the continuous deepening of cooperation between enterprises and our university, we have a better understanding of the characteristics of our university graduates, such as strong practical ability and solid professional technology. Therefore, we hope to attract more high-quality application-oriented talents through this recruitment fair.

Hu Chenchen, head of the Enrollment and Employment Department, said that our university has made a series of achievements in school enterprise cooperation with China Ordnance Equipment Group in recent years. The number of subordinate enterprises recruited by our university has been increasing year by year, providing more high-quality employment opportunities for our graduates. In the future, we will continue to strengthen in-depth cooperation with enterprises, further improve professional construction, teaching reform, curriculum design and other personnel training work according to the employment needs of enterprises, so as to lay a solid foundation for high-quality employment of our graduates.

In order to serve the recruitment fair, our school has prepared well, and has issued the recruitment registration application information through various channels such as WeChat official account. It shows all China's ordnance equipment group post needs and salary information. At the same time, a number of humanized services for enterprises and job candidates were provided also on the recruitment site. Ma Guixin, professional teacher of the school of Economics and Management,majored in the Human Resources Management , and Linhai, the teacher of the school recruitment workstation were invited to provide policy advice, employment guidance, employment assistance and other services for the students. In addition, in order to make a good preparation in epidemic prevention and control, the school has issued self-produced masks for relevant personnel and job candidates of recruitment enterprises, and comprehensively assisted graduates to achieve high-quality employment through a number of measures.

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