The Learning and Mobilization Rally of History of the Communist Party of China

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On the afternoon of March 23, Shenyang Institute of Technology, SIT, held the learning and mobilization rally of history of the Communist Party of China in the library auditorium. The meeting was chaired by the president Li Kangju, with the attendance of representatives of each department, including School party committee members, school leaders, middle-level leading cadres, organizers, party secretaries, secretaries of the delegation, politics teachers, party members of CCP and representatives of the Democratic Party.

Vice President Li Wenguo read out The Implementation Plan of the CPC Shenyang Institute of Technology Committee. And the plan defines the significance and importance of learning the history of the party among all party members in the school, which makes arrangements for the key tasks and work requirements of party history and points out the direction for SIT. Eventually, it's the fundamental guidance for all members to comprehend this history.

In addition, Hen Gang, Party committee secretary, made a mobilization speech to demand  the school party organizations at all levels to study and implement the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference. The speech also focuses on the fully implementing of the work requirements of Liaoning Provincial Committee and Provincial Committee of Education and Work Committee on party history learning and education. And Chen made four aspects for learning the history. First, it should be attached to understand the great significance and importance of profound party history. During the education, we are also supposed to strengthen the “four consciousness”, to firm “four self-confidence” and to achieve “two maintenance”. Second, the organization should grasp the key point, and strictly implement the work of Party history learning and education, the implementation of the party history learning education into the teaching and management services of all links, covering all teachers and students in schools, high standards of high quality The amount of promotion of learning and education work; three is to strengthen responsibility, effectively promote Party history learning education, grasp The right direction, adhere to the pragmatic work style, the learning and education harvest into the practical initiatives of sincere service to school teachers and students; Fourth, focus on effectiveness, focus on strengthening the ability of service school center work, improve the quality of learning education, adhere to the theoretical connection and practical, highlight their own characteristics, create a strong learning Xi atmosphere.

When it came to the conclusion, Li Kangju stressed in his speech that all party members should improve their political position, should learn from history to be reasonable, learn from history to be confident, learn from history to moral and learn from history to be accessible. We also should effectively transform learning into practical results of promoting high quality development in schools. It is important in practice testing, focusing on finding and solving systems about the high-quality development of the institute, solving the outstanding problems of the masses reflect strongly, and effectively achieving “people-oriented”. Furthermore, teachers and students have more sense of acquisition, happiness, security to adhere to pragmatic style instead of formalism, bureaucracy. We also make full use of all kinds of propaganda platforms to create a good atmosphere with the combination of the central work.

Texted by Party Affair Department Pictured by Guan Tiqi and Li Ruoqi Edited by Bai Jing

(Translated by Basic Course Department)

Party secretary Chen Gang made a mobilization speech

President Li Kangju hold the meeting and made the conclusion

Vice President Li Wenguo read out The Implementation Plan of

the CPC Shenyang Institute of Technology Committee


The main venue





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