Shenyang Institute of Technology History Museum and Huang Chuanding Memorial opened for trial operation

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Recently, the Shenyang Institute of Technology History Museum and Huang Chuanding Memorial, which have been under construction for more than 3 years, opened for trial operation. The trial operation of the two museums is of great significance for strengthening the construction of both campus culture and cultural education.

The history museum arranges exhibitions based on time and history, integrates various artistic elements and modern acoustic and photoelectric technology. With a 260–meter-long exhibition line, covering 1170 square meters, the exhibition is divided into parts presenting educational philosophy, leadership style, growth footprint, the pursuit of excellence fruitful part four themes. Besides, contents like 502 images, 36 form, 208 pieces of physical, eight content such as video, 2007 volumes of books also fully show the past two decades of Shenyang Institute of Technology. They are the window of the past, the exhibition platform of honor, the spiritual home for gathering alumni, the materialization of the school spirit, school philosophy and campus culture of our school, and the important cultural symbol of the campus.

The construction of the history museum, from the theme plot to the exhibition space, from the layout to open use, are borne by the teachers and students in our school in person to complete, builders in the leadership under the concern and support of the pavilion, meticulously hope through ZhanChen every photo, every items, each set of data, each picture, can make the visitors deeply feel the flowing in shen workers veins unique feelings, feel the school motto of "Excellence and Altruism", this is the tradition of Shenyang Institute of Technology of outstanding culture and precious wealth, will inspire the construction of teachers and students staff in our school reform tide, help our school in the development of various undertakings.

The Huang Chuanding Memorial hall is set up in memory of the "National excellent college student who sacrifice his own life to save others", aiming to make the "Chuanding Spirit" permanently stationed in SIT. The exhibition line in the museum is 150 meters long and covers an area of 675 square meters. It is divided into five parts, namely, Chuanding for saving heroes by sacrificing their own lives, Chuanding for becoming excellent, for social praise, for spiritual immortality, and ship nails for five achievements. The design and exhibition of the nail memorial hall are undertaken by the teachers and students of our school. Among them, the exhibition of 130 Huang Chuanding not only enriched the exhibition content of the museum, but also helped to present the wonderful and his short life to the audience comprehensively, and also provided valuable materials for people to study his story in depth.

Huang Chuanding memorial is to carry forward the Chuanding deeds, the continuation of his spirit, is to cultivate socialist core values, to carry out the important position of ideological and moral education of students, is our school's khalid ents results show window, is one of the important classroom, motivate teachers and students to strive forward is cast in the spirit of Lei Feng spirit in our school education of the important education base.

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Shenyang Institute of Technology History Museum

Huang Chuanding Memorial

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