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The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has been sensitive to market demands because it felt a strong responsibility to produce graduates who are able to make a smooth transition from classroom to workplace. Here is a synopsis of its development and eventual global expansion.

Fitting into a national scenario

The Sixth Malaysia Plan (1991-1995) accorded education as high national priority. The country was beginning to pick up pace in its development as it shook off the effects of the mid'80s recession. Export was identified as the engine of economic progress. To gain a competitive edge Malaysia needed skilled and creative human resources to design, to plan, to strategise.

Creative Emphasis and Industry Focused, from inception

The Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology (as it was known then) was established to play an active role enabling much needed technology transfer in the area of creative education. The Institute had started to create strategic links with reputable and well-established universities and colleges in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. At the same time the Institute had forged strong connections with industry to provide guidance and support to enable the right environment of learning to students.

The Institute was the first step forward towards achieving a successful and rewarding career for students. For parents the Institute was an eye-opener as they began to see the wide-ranging possibilities in creative careers. For industry it gave them an opportunity to participate in nurturing much needed creative capability. For government the Institute was a primary resource in developing creative capital.

For the next ten years the Institute set the pace for the education community. The philosophy was simply to empower the individual. And in doing so the Institute grew. It expanded. It upgraded. It reviewed. It revamped.

Industry requirements and global trends were its yardsticks as the Institute introduced new studies that were relevant to the times and also in anticipation to the future needs of the nation. Designing itself was a major expansion – Graphic, Electronic, Product, Industrial, Interior, Multimedia, Information, Communication, and Animation.

Industry collaboration gave wonderful opportunities for students to engage their creative expressions in real work experience. These included work developed for restaurants, hospitals, manufacturers, resorts, publishers, humanitarian foundations, societies and clan associations, councils, public relations companies, municipal councils, government ministries, and non- government organisations. The work has been wide-ranging from the type of creative input needed to the type of organisation that required the input.

A New Millenium and New Global Challenges

The world was sizzling with possibilities. The range had become international with students from around the world coming to study here as well as our graduates having the opportunity to study anywhere and work anywhere.

A most successful future

Ensure a most successful future through Malaysia’s University of Innovation

Go beyond degree studies to identify and unlock your hidden talent and you are guaranteed a successful future. Match your talent to your career choice and you will enjoy challenges that help you leap ahead of others.

High technology sophistication

Achieve high technology sophistication through a professional award winning digital business unit on campus

Final year students are provided access to use special high-end technology located within the Digital Innovation Centre which is one of several professional units on campus that provide industry exposure unmatched by other institutions of higher education in the world.

Industry knowledge and skill-sets

Strong industry partnerships with top brands of the world expose students to real world expectations and opportunities to interact effectively with future employers. This ensures a smoother transition into high-income careers.

Multicultural creativity

Get inspired to become a world-culture savvy, multi-skilled, talented and confident global graduate

In Limkokwing University’s globalized environment where the world’s cultures intermingle in unique ways creativity is stimulated to come up with hundreds of ideas. And that is how you become innovative. You have to start by being creative before you can be innovative.

Most inspiring ecosystem

Most creative environment with professional units for music, fashion, design, web and broadcasting

In today’s highly competitive world, students need to understand the multi-disciplinary nature of business. Simply graduating with degrees, isolated from knowledge of how other disciplines will influence their careers, will limit the ability of fresh graduates to excel and progress in their workplace.

Scholarship programme

Limkokwing University scholarships are awarded to deserving individuals who display a wide range of talent. Apart from individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic excellence, the university also recognizes and endeavours to nurture students with leadership qualities, achievements in sports, and creative approaches to innovation.

Globalised education

Limkokwing University is present in ten countries ― Malaysia, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Yemen, and the United Kingdom. All students are encouraged to spend time overseas to understand the challenges they will face when they start work.