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Why choose Huddersfield?

Are you thinking of studying with us at the University of Huddersfield?

Take a look through some reasons why you should make the University of Huddersfield your first choice– we’re really proud of what we offer our students and we’re sure you’ll be impressed…

First in England for professionally qualified teaching staff

So who will you be taught by?

Well, figures released by the Higher Education Funding Council for England see the University ofHuddersfield come top of all the universities in England for the proportion ofstaff with teaching qualifications. (HEFCE 9 Dec 2016)

We’ve been the UK’s leading university for the receipt of National Teaching Fellowships, to mark Britain’sbest teachers, for the past nine years!

And we’re the UK’s only university where 100% of permanent teaching staff are Fellows of the HigherEducation Academy. So you’ll learn from some of the best, helping you be the best.

No 1 in England for teaching banner - Huddersfield is first in England for professionally qualified teaching staff

Huddersfield has a fantastic record of graduate employability.

This is great news for ourstudents. After all, getting a job is a key reason to study at university.

94.5% of our under graduate students go on to work and/or further study within six months of graduating.It’s a testament to the confidence employers have in Huddersfield graduates andan important reason to come to Huddersfield.

Professionalwork placements play a key part of student life.

One of the reasons employers have such confidence in Huddersfield graduates is due to the real-world experience they gain from placements.

Did you know Huddersfield is aTop 10 University in England for paid work placement?

Research inspired courses

Academics never stop researching, there is always something new and exciting to be discovered. At the University of Huddersfield, research is not a bolt on, it shapes ourcourses–making them challenging, exciting and thought provoking.

We have world-class centres of research excellence and specialist facilities that enable research to be conducted by both our staff and students. In addition, many of our academics are influential thinkers and leaders in their field and these qualities filter down throughout our teaching.

Connectwith professional bodies and industry

The truth is you’ll need an edge when you go into the jobs market after your degree. Something to give youthat little extra to really impress employers. Many of our courses givesuccessful graduates professional body accreditation including, Law,Architecture, Psychology, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Chemistry, Engineering and Computing.

Add to that the links many ofour staff retain from their previous experience working in industry. You might even make a few contacts during your course to improve your chances of getting a job after graduation. Not to mention the network you’ll build with your fellow students.

100% of our students have the opportunity to undertake professional work experience during their studies,including guest lectures and projects set by industry partners.

It’s a great opportunity that could prove vital to gaining a job after graduation.

Investing in the University campus

We’re continually investing inour campus and our latest development was built with only one thing in mind –our students. Student Central is a £22.5m hub that combines access to thelibrary, computing, sport, leisure and eating space all under one roof.

Speaking of the library, you’ll love it. Seriously, it’ll be your second home. It’s open 24/7, with a huge amount of material available online. You can study at a time that’s right for you with all the information you need, instantly at your finger tips.

Explore Huddersfield

Huddersfield is a vibrant town with lots to do and see. From cultural events and the cinema to eating out anda night at the theatre.

It’s especially great if you’re an outdoors type as Huddersfield is surrounded by beautiful countryside,including the stunning Peak District National Park.

We’re close to Leeds and Manchester so you can enjoy the best of city life while living and studying in a welcoming, friendly town.

Lower cost of living

Ok, so you might be worried about moving away from home and having to fend for yourself. Well, don’t be.Huddersfield is just the place to start finding your feet and become more independent.

Unlike some large cities,Huddersfield offers a relatively low cost of living, giving you more for your money. This means it’s easier to enjoy all that Huddersfield, the University and the surrounding areas have to offer.

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