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1. Electronic information (electronic information engineering and communication engineering)

Electronic information engineering students are supposed to master the basic theory of automatic identification technology, basic knowledge and basic skills, having the ability of information collection, information processing and its application in the Internet of Things technology. Students should be able with “automatic identification technology Engineering design and application” ability, with strong sense of engineering practice ability and trying to be high-quality technology applied talents. Graduates can work in the field of electronic information and automatic identification technology in program design, software development, equipment production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and project management, related product sales and so on. Potential career positions include: systems integration engineers, on-site implementation engineers, technical support engineers and so on.

Communication engineering major students are supposed to have a certain basic knowledge of electronic and communication theory and strong engineering practice ability, can engage in wired and wireless communication equipment and telecommunications network engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance, technical support and after-sales service, working as senior Applied Talents.

In recent years, this major encourages college students to participate in innovation community and impressive student science and technology innovation activities. In Liaoning Province, ordinary colleges and universities undergraduate college students "intelligent autonomous robot" competition, 2015, our Institute team won the first prize (a total of 6), two third prize, and the total score of the second place; In Liaoning Province, undergraduate college students in the electronic design competition, won two provincial first prize, 18 second prize, and in 2013 at the National Student Electronic Design Competition, won a national second prize.

2. Electrical and automation (automation, electrical engineering and automation, building electrical and intelligent, rail traffic signals and control)

Automation professional training has a certain theoretical basis and strong engineering practice ability, for the production line, solving the practical problems of the project, can be engaged in automatic control system analysis, design, installation, commissioning as high-quality technology applied talents.

Electrical engineering and automation major students are supposed to master electrical engineering and automation of basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, with engineering practice and innovation awareness, for the electrical equipment manufacturing and power industry, can engage in electrical and electrical products manufacturing, testing or electricity The system of power transmission engineering design and field operation control, testing and other work of high-quality technology applied talents.

Building electrical and intelligent professional training master building electrical and intelligent areas of basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, with engineering practice and innovation awareness, to engage in building electrical control systems and intelligent systems engineering design, system integration, engineering Construction and management, operation and maintenance work, such as high-quality technology applied talents.

Rail traffic signal and control professional training master rail transit signal control technology and rail traffic signal control equipment professional knowledge and professional skills, with rail traffic signal control equipment application capacity, can be in the urban rail transit signal control engineering field engaged in rail traffic signal control equipment installation, Debugging, maintenance and other aspects of the work of high-quality technology applied talents.

This class of professional efforts to carry out the "rational integration" of the teaching model, the practical theory of strong curriculum into the laboratory, students learn here and practice; at the same time the establishment of "teaching content and practical work, school training and corporate training Combined with the role of students and the role of the staff, "the project-based teaching content system; teachers from the traditional teaching role to the project sponsor and project mentor role, through the actual task of stimulating students to learn enthusiasm, to tap the inherent potential of students ; By guiding students to personally complete the actual task to master the relevant knowledge points, master the project implementation ideas and methods.

3. Computer class (computer science and technology, software engineering, Internet of Things project)

Computer science and technology professional training system to master the computer software and hardware knowledge, with application software design and development of professional knowledge and skills, with strong teamwork ability, skilled hands-on ability and strong knowledge update and innovation ability, able to Engaged in computer software application system and network system analysis, design, maintenance, management and other work of high-quality technology applied talents.

Software engineering professional training to master the field of software engineering cutting-edge technology and software development methods, with strong practical ability and innovative spirit, with strong software project system analysis, design, development and testing capabilities, in accordance with the principles of engineering and Methods engaged in software project development and management of high-quality technology applied talents.

The research and development, deployment, operation and maintenance of the Internet of Things networking system can be used in the planning, analysis, design, development, deployment, operation and maintenance of the Internet of Things application system. Strong theoretical and engineering practice ability, as well as teamwork and technological innovation ability of the application of senior technical personnel.

This category of professional focus on promoting the "school-enterprise integration, learning and use" of the application-oriented personnel training model, has with the world-renowned Microsoft to set up a "Microsoft IT Institute", and the world's largest information management software and service providers Oracle, Network giant Cisco to carry out the depth of school-enterprise cooperation, the industry needs into the curriculum system, the introduction of teaching plans, the use of enterprise real case projects, close to the actual application requirements, in order to achieve graduates of zero distance high-quality employment.

2007 ~ 2009, our college computer students three times reelection "Microsoft Campus Star Software Design Competition" national championship, many people get to the United States Microsoft headquarters to learn or enter Microsoft's headquarters in China work opportunities; since 2012, our hospital computer Class students for four consecutive years in Liaoning Province college students computer design competition won the first prize, especially in 2015 will include 15 first prize in one fell swoop, and in the subsequent national college computer design competition, won a national one And other awards (the category of the country only eight national first prize); In addition, in 2014 ~ 2015, our computer professional for two consecutive years of Liaoning Province Mobile Application Development Competition first prize.

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