College of Information Technology

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College of Information Technology is one of the earliest and most influential faculties at the Shenyang Institute of Technology, which contains more than 2500 students. Currently the Telecommunication Department, Electrical and Automation Department and Computer Science Departments offer 12 undergraduate majors. Such majors include Telecommunication Engineering, with the latter ranked first place in the Liaoning Province comprehensive undergraduate evaluation, and the Electrical and Automation department ranked second. The College of Information Technology possesses one National Comprehensive Reform Major, one Provincial Comprehensive Reform Major, two Provincial Excellent Courses, three Provincial the 12th 5 years Plan Textbooks, one Provincial Excellent Education Team, one Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and two Provincial Teaching Achievement Prizes.

The College of Information Technology focuses on strengthening students' practical abilities, which is achieved by introducing international engineering education concepts and methods, whilst vigorously carrying out the "Theory and Practice Integration" and CDIO project teaching methods. By applying practical application as teaching laboratory equipment and organizing innovative societies, during a three-year period, students in the Information Technology department have received seven National Second Prizes, 18 Provincial First Prizes and more than 50 Provincial Second Prizes, in Electrical Design, Computer Design and Autonomous Robot Competitons.

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