College of Economics and Management

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The college of Economicsand Management adheres to the concept of applying what students learn, holdingthe idea of studying to learn how to manage the country’s and world’s financial affairs. Insist on cooperating with corporations, cultivating students to become people who have modern managerial concepts, international views and creative and applied talents is the aim of the school. The school offers a well-trained faculty and staff team, including two provincial outstanding undergraduate teaching teams as well as three doctoral supervisors. All teachers have master degree or above. Besides, majors in E&M Institute are at highly profession. Marketing strategy, logistics management and business management were in first place during the provincial overall evaluation. Marketing strategy has been awarded as provincial distinctive discipline. Moreover, our Institute has outstanding bases, which have been approved by the province. Finally, our institute has powerful students. Large number of students have won awards in country and provincial competitions as well as obtaining employment and becoming successful entrepreneurs. As the setup ISEC project, including accounting, finance, international economic and trade majors, leads the institute to international education. In addition, combined cultivation by both college and outstanding entrepreneurs have been a distinctive feature of theinstitute. Leading each student to become successful is the sacred duty of economics and management institute.

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