Introduction of Shenyang Institute of Technology

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Shenyang Institute of Technology is a private undergraduate institutions of higher learning approved by the National Ministry of Education. It was established by the merger of the Polytechnic School of Shenyang Ligong University and the Science and Technology School of Shenyang Agricultural University. Over the last decade, the Institute has continually applied the concepts of “practice is the core of learning”, energetic exploration into education reforms, and market-oriented principles which have formed a multidisciplinary institute with particular strengths in engineering,economics, art, agriculture and etc. Through years of hard work and perseverance, the Institute has created more than thirty thousand graduates for the nation. As a result of national economic construction and social development, the Institute currently has 16,497 full-time undergraduate students enrolled across six departments: The School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Information and Control, the School of Arts and Media, the School of Life Science, the School of Energy and Water Conservancy. In this new era filled with opportunities and challenges, faculties and students at Shenyang Institute of Technology will uphold the concept of “practice is the core of learning” as well as the school motto of “sincerity and honesty, diligent study and energetic work”, devoting our time and energy to further enhance the reputation of the Institute into a national institute with distinctive characteristics.