Teachers and students of Russia Binhai State University of Agricultural Technology came to Shenyang for exchange and study

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On April 24th, the visiting group of Binhai State Agricultural And Technical University of Russia, composed of 10 teachers and students, returned to China after the 10-day study exchange. This activity is a new breakthrough of our school in foreign exchange and cooperation, deep integration into the "Belt and Road" initiative and solid promotion of international industry-university-research and application cooperation. In the future, our school will give full play to its own advantages to undertake more students from foreign universities to study practically.

The modern agricultural science and technology service center of our school has advanced technology, high-end equipment and high-level teachers, which provides a high-quality learning environment for the practice group and guarantees the learning effect. During the learning, practice the students to listen to the experts and scholars, covers the mountain special plant morphology recognition and planting management, vegetable grafting technology, fruit tree breeding and pruning technology, soilless cultivation technology, flower decoration and application techniques, horticultural plant disease symptoms observation and preliminary identification, plant specimen creative production, vegetable seedling and ornamental plant cutting propagation, gardening facilities environment regulation and other agricultural technology project practice. In just a few days of study, they saw the vigorous development of China's agriculture, mastered rich agricultural knowledge, but also mastered advanced agricultural technology through practical operation.

In the mountain special plant identification and planting management program, the students have mastered the special plant identification and planting skills. In the vegetable grafting technology project, the students learned to use the grafting technology to improve the yield and quality of vegetables. In the fruit tree reproduction and pruning program, students master the methods to promote the growth and yield of fruit trees through pruning technology. In the flower decoration and application skills project, the students have a deep understanding of the flower types, characteristics and decoration skills. They all expressed that they would bring the agricultural technology they had learned in Shenyang back to their motherland, help the agricultural development of Russia, and become the ambassadors of agricultural exchanges between China and Russia.

Members of the practice group also participated in the Sino-Russian cultural exchange activities such as intangible cultural heritage experience, calligraphy appreciation, paper-cutting, lion dance and cultural performance, and added a multi-dimensional cognition of the traditional Chinese culture in the interactive experience.

Our school has cooperated with Binhai State Agricultural And Technical University of Russia in 2020. The two sides have carried out many exchanges and cooperation in teacher training, scientific research, student competition, student practice and other aspects. Twelve teachers of our school have been admitted to the doctoral candidate of Binhai State University of Agricultural Technology, Russia. The two sides also jointly held a friendly vocational skills competition for college students and set up an international academic exchange platform. Students of Binhai State Agricultural And Technical University of Russia have participated in the online winter camp and summer camp activities organized by our university for many consecutive years. In the future, the two universities will continue to deepen and expand practical cooperation in various fields, form more cooperation results, and show greater responsibility and action for Liaoning to build the "six regions" in the new era.

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