Principal Li Kangju Lectured on Ideological and Political Courses for Students

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In order to further implement the spirit of the document "Basic Requirements for the Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities in the New Era" of the Ministry of Education and effectively play the role of the main front of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities, on October 25,Principal Li Kangju lectured on Ideological and Political Courses for students.

Li Kangju gave lectures in three aspects: "Why", "what" and "how to do". With the story of the novel "Bloody Dusk", he guided students to establish a correct view of history, the view of the country and the view of the nation, connecting the history of the Communist Party of China with the history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Understanding and grasping history from the long river of history is an important connotation of the grand historical view.

Li Kangju put theory into practice and discussed and exchanged ideas with students on how to implement the people-centered approach in practical life and work. He used his personal experience to tell students stories, experiences, and feelings, and elaborated on the school's "student-centered" education and teaching work.Li Kangju encouraged the students to think in one place, work hard in one place, forge ahead and innovate, make achievements without negative times, no negative history and no negative people on the new journey, and make due contributions to promoting the construction of a strong country and the rejuvenation of the nation.

After class, the students were encouraged, have said that they will bear in mind the Party's teachings, determined to national rejuvenation, enhance the sense of historical responsibility and mission, stimulate the strong country of my youth passion, with the youth of my youth, to create a young family, a young country, a young nation, a young human, a young earth, a young universe, in the great practice of national rejuvenation flying youth dreams.

Translated by Basic Courses Department

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