Shenyang Agricultural University Library Visits and Exchanges with Our School

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In order to further promote inter-school exchange and cooperation, Professor Zhang Wenzhong, the curator of the library of Shenyang Agricultural University, was invited to lead 23 librarians to our school for inspection and exchange on May 19th, 2023. Hu Xiaomei, Party Secretary of SIT, met with the curator Zhang and his delegation and accompanied them on the inspection. Xu Ming, the curator of the Library and Archives of SIT, and Zhai Jian, the deputy curator, had comprehensive exchanges with colleagues from Shenyang Agricultural University and reached preliminary intentions for further cooperation.

On behalf of the school party committee, Hu Xiaomei welcomed the arrival of Zhang Wenzhong and his delegation, and expressed sincere gratitude to Shenyang Agricultural University for its assistance and support to our school over the years. After briefly introducing the achievements of the school’s development and construction in recent years, she said that Shenyang Agricultural University is the main root of our school. With its thick and resilient historical imprint, simple and down-to-earth cultural style, and spirit of dedication, Shenyang Agricultural University has deeply influenced our school’s school-running thought and educational philosophy. At present, all teachers and students in our school are uplifted and united, demonstrating a strong sense of development and striving for change. All work is progressing side by side, and career development is showing a good trend. We welcome more people of Shenyang Agricultural University to enter and understand SIT. I hope that the two schools can continuously expand their cooperation areas, jointly explore and open up new fields and tracks for development, jointly achieve high-quality development, and work together to make new contributions to the implementation of the three-year action of comprehensive revitalization and new breakthroughs in Liaoning.

Zhang Wenzhong expressed sincere admiration for the development achievements of our school and thanked our school for its warm and thoughtful reception. He stated that Shenyang Institute of Technology is a typical representative of private universities in the province, with standardized education, advanced facilities, strict management, an increasing quality of talent cultivation year by year and a good social reputation. I hope to further strengthen the in-depth docking and cooperation with the library of SIT, leverage their respective advantages, learn and exchange with each other, and work together to improve the level and quality of serving readers, empowering the high-quality development of the two schools.

Zhang Wenzhong and his delegation visited the Excellence Hall, Daguan Kiln Ceramic Studio, Preschool Education College Training Center, Key Laboratory of Northeast Forest and Grass Hazardous Pests State Forestry and Grassland Administration, Intelligent Expressway Five Axis Base, Fitness Center, and Library of SIT, and had full exchanges on resource construction, subject services, and reading promotion.

Zhao Yuan, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Wang Jiaqing, Dean of the School of Life Engineering, and Li Aiqiu, Executive Dean of the School of Preschool Education participated in the exchange activities.

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